8 The Best Android Apps For Music And Movie Lovers

There are numerous people across the globe who deal listening mobile music. Especially the music applications. It is certainly hard to find the good apps out of bad. That is why below is the list mentioned in which there are good or you can say excellent android apps are included.

1. Spotify:- It is certainly one of the best app on any device specially in android. This application provides you personalized radio. You can have an unlimited access to this radio. You can listen to your favorite songs anywhere and at any time. Moreover, with this app, you can keep your playlist in an arranged order.

Android Apps For Music And Movie

2. Shazam:- This app is a music identification application. You can hold your phone to the radio and frequently know the name of song, artist and even have a button which allow you to open it in spotify. Now, you need not search endlessly for the song you want to listen or the one you have listen that day.

3. Soundhound:- It is quite similar to Shazam but a slightly better than that. It is highly popular among people as this is certainly a free version and do not carry any sort of  limitations. Moreover, the best part is that you can easily use both of these apps.

4. Touch OSC:- This app is actually an awesome wireless DAW controller. It do have the capacity to send MIDI control data through Wi Fi in order to control your DAW. This android app is not at this much powerful as that like the iOs version. This do not allow you custom layouts which do is allowed in iOs.

5. MOG Mobile Music:- It is  music streaming app truly like spotify. The features are quite similar, the only difference is social integration. It has an ultimate sound quality but the worst thing is limited data plans.

6. Caustic 2:- It  is one among the coolest application or you can say a powerful DAW on android platform. This android app is a bunch of virtual instruments which ensure to provide you an excellent song quality as per your demands.

7. Winamp:- It is really an excellent music player android application. EQ present in that make it the favorite of everyone and the shoutcast radio is too cool. People find its I tunes quite impressive and amazing.

8. TuneIn Radio:- It is really an awesome internet radio android app. It lets you find for radio stations. You can save presets also for certain or your favorite ones. The best thing about this app is it allows music discovery.


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