8 Simple Tips to Improve Your Singing Voice

Singing ability is not a mere God gift and it can be improved with the help of constant efforts. Singing is all about acquiring the right tone. Setting the tone is one important lesson that’s taught while taking vocal lessons. In order to improve the singing voice, it’s important to know about the right tone and how to achieve it.

A good tone has many meanings and assigning a definition to good tone is extremely difficult. It turns out to be a subjective issue. For different genres, there is different meaning to a good tone. For example, a person doing classical music will have a totally different meaning to “good tone” than the person working on Rock or Metal.

8 Simple Tips to Improve Your Singing Voice

When it comes to understanding a “good tone” in purest form, it talks about some good technique. It is very simple concept to understand. If the mechanics of your voice are perfectly furnished, it will lead to a beautiful voice coming from your mouth. First the basics are established and then the improvisation and the other techniques follow. When the person has achieved this level, even a shout sounds soothe.

A good balance in the vocal chords helps the person to achieve good notes of voice. The resonance of the vocal chords can be aptly developed for the person having practiced it a lot.

Here are some tips that can be followed by a novice singer in order to improve the quality of his singing voice:

1. Relaxation:

While practicing to sing a song, it is very important for the person to relax in between. The person, who tries to contract his vocal chords every time he sings, can destroy the resonance and the balance of his voice. Practicing to relax also adds to the strain levels while the singer attempts to hit the higher notes while performing.

2. Warm up before singing:

Like sports, singing also requires a substantial amount of warm up before taking up the activity. Humming is often known as the warm up activity that a person performs before starting the singing act. The body muscles get adapted to singing if we warm up the muscles before we go for real singing.

3. Breathing is the key:

One of the most important factors that determine a good tone is breathing. Small children breathe just perfectly as their stomach makes movements with every intake of air inside the body. Older people do not need to practice this age old breathing technique, instead they should try practicing breathe in and out without making heavy movements of chest and shoulders. However, it is important to note that the person does not tangle himself while doing it. The less you worry about the breathing pattern, the better the results are. Relaxed breathing is directly proportional to better singing notes.

4. Experiment with your voice:

While practicing for a song, it is highly important to notice that the person makes necessary improvisations while singing. After attaining a certain level, the singers must try to get adapted with different music styles and genres. Experimenting with the voice scales and music notes not only improves the notes of the singer but also improves the singing voice.

5. Try to imitate the role models:

In order to improve the singing voice, person should imitate the performances of the singers that they like the best. Once the person starts experimenting with the singers that he likes, a point comes when he forgets which singer he is actually imitating. That is the point where his original voice comes out. A creative voice always attracts the attention of the people. Thus, the aspiring singer must imitate his role models in order to improve his singing abilities.

6. Take up a singing job:

Regular practice is the key to every singer’s success. Hence, the aspiring singers looking to improve their voice must get enrolled in some singing job, whether it’s small or big. The purpose behind doing the job must not be earning daily bread, but in order to train hard for the bigger stage. When a person takes up the singing job, he is required to sing at regular intervals in front of many people, sometimes few. It instills the confidence in him that he can sing at a good level too. Adding to the fact, the more a person practices the music notes, the better he gets with time. In a few months of undertaking the job, person would feel that his voice has changed and it has been engraved into a new and solid voice.

7. Keep a track on your improvement:

It is important to track the levels of improvement while the person looks for improving the singing levels. The proper tracking can be done by recording the voice at various occasions. This recorded voice must be compared with the previous record set and the differences must be pointed out. This also gives the idea of which areas the person needs to improve.

8. Get a coach for improving the voice:

Behind every successful man, there is an inspiration. Behind every inspiration, there is a motivation and behind every motivation, there is a coach. Hence, it applies to the singing field too. If the person looks to improve his singing voice, the best option is to look for an instructor. He is the best critic for the person and grooms the aspiring talent into a music sensation.

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