8 Reasons Why People Cut Themselves

This is a common trend among teens of this age. They intend to cut themselves in order to feel good. This is a questionable subject in the society and sometimes considered to be an illogical activity. Such a trend is dominantly seen in the case of teenagers, since they are immature and do not understand the gravity of their body health. However, there are some cases where older people are also seen engaged in this practice. It is the matter of a state of mind and off the psychological ethics.  It must be cured by psychologists as people do it because of their mind state. There is actually only pain and no gain in such a practice, but it is their deep belief in following the trend that lets them do it.

Why People Cut Themselves

Here is one of the top 8 reasons why people cut themselves:

1. They see it in the movies:

Teenagers are highly influenced by what they see around and in the movies. If a movie with their favorite actor features the actor, cutting his arm to impress the girl, teenagers follow his footsteps in order to look cool in front on their girlfriend. Thus, movies have a deep effect on the deeds of a teenager. Mostly the romantic drama movies feature such a practice. Influence from the movies is one of the major reasons why people readily cut themselves.

2. Mentally disturbed people do it:

Another major reason why people cut themselves or hurt them is because of a nervous disorder. Because of such a disorder, they feel pleasure in hurting themselves. There is an acute pleasure while they cut themselves or make such an effort to get hurt. However, there are only a few people suffering from this disorder.

3. To derive attention:

Sometimes people are so lonesome in their life that they feel cutting themselves would get them some attention that they are deprived of. They hold the belief that cutting them would get them sympathy and love from some people that they like. However, it is a sick mentality and it surfaces hatred rather than love between two people. Thus, deriving attention is one of the most important reasons why people cut themselves.

4. For some people, it symbolizes love and affection:

Some people believe that showing love and affection is highly dependent on how much suffering they can intake for the loved one. The saying that “I love you and I can do anything for you”, holds true in such a case and people commit this stupid trick in order to impress their partner and showcase the gravity of their love. Hence, cutting themselves is most common among the people who intend to showcase their love in this way.

5. Depression:

Depression is a major factor that leads the people to cut themselves. Sometimes, people feel that cutting themselves is the easiest way to come out of the depression they face. It happens with the people who live in extremes, the ones who either like complete happiness or complete sadness. Their life is very complicated and by cutting themselves, they prove the sadness surrounding them.

6. Some people take it as adventure:

For some of the freaks, it is more than an adventure to hurt them. They sense an adrenaline in doing harm to their body. Such a tendency is often found in junkies and addicts. In order to increase the delirium of drugs, they hurt themselves and feel great about it.

7. For showing off:

For some teenagers, it becomes quite cool to cut themselves with a knife or blade and then show off the bruises to their friends. Once they show it to the friends, they are considered cool in the group. Hence, in order to show their craziness, some teenagers do this trick of cutting themselves.

8. To show power and guts:

There are times when a group of people bet on showing masculinity or on some other factors. With this emerges the tendency of people to cut them. This is done in order to show the superiority to the other people in the group and prove their power and guts over the others. It’s one of the most common reasons why people cut themselves.

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