8 Reasons Why Every Girl Wants To Date A Tall Guy ?

Whenever a woman is asked to describe their dream guy, most of them reply that they prefer a man who is tall and handsome Because Every Girl Wants To Date A Tall Guy. Tall men are enormously sexy. In our culture, it has now become a truism that girls usually seek men who are taller than themselves. Height preference in women is a similar subject for scientific study just like the men’s preference for feminine curves. Dating a tall guy is altogether a very different experience.

8 Reasons Why Every Girl Wants To Date A Tall Guy

Many times I asked this question to my female friends that. Is hight matter in the matter of hearts too?

Well, from a woman’s perspective, it seems the answer is a definite yes. Most of the girls want a man who towered over them because it makes them feel feminine, secure, and protected.

It’s often easier for taller men to impress girls than shorter ones. If you are wondering what is so fascinating about a proper height, then here we are going to unveil the top 8 reasons Girls Wants To Date A Tall Guy.

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They are way too attractive

All women love a guy who has a beautiful heart and a great personality. But at first glance, it’s the personality that attracts. A tall man feeling comfortable in well-fitted clothing looks like a man in charge of the world.

A perfect height adds more points to the overall appeal and enhances the personality. It has now become the universal truth that men look for shorter women while on the other hand, woman gravitated towards taller men.

Women are creative creatures, and having a good looking boyfriend, an added advantage. They love to date a tall guy

Tall guys know the best ideas of romance

For a woman, it is quite necessary to feel cared physically with a touch, kiss, hug, or something similar. That is one of the hottest reasons why girls prefer to date tall guys.

When a tall guy hugs a girl, he can hold her more firmly, and the girl can easily confide in him. The girl needs to make a little more effort to give him a surprise kiss.

According to a popular magazine, tall guys often shower their girlfriends with sweet forehead kisses. Somehow, the girl always ends up feeling like a baby who is being cared for and pampered by men.

They have good hearts

Yes, you read it right. According to research done by the University of Leicester, an increase in 2.5 inches in height decreases the risk of heart-related disease by 13.5 %.

That means that men who are 6 inches taller are less prone to coronary disease. Proper height proves that the person is taking balanced nutrition and belongs to the best socioeconomic environment. Although, it is not applicable in all cases but valid in most of them.

Tall hunks know how to make girls feel delicate

There is a lot of pressure on women to be subtle and ladylike. It’s not easy for them to achieve it in their everyday life. The presence of a muscular guy makes them feel feminine.

The theory is simple. Taller and stronger the man is, the more delicate is the woman will feel. It is not a hidden fact that a woman prefers to feel small and weak in front of their partner.

Nothing can compare the feeling of being in the arms of a tall, muscular man. This feeling is a bit difficult with shorter men.

They make more money

Doesn’t it sound crazy? But the facts say that taller men make more money. Have you ever heard the stats about the CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies? According to much-touted factoid, most of the CEOs on the list are six feet tall.

They are all having a fabulous physique and are tall. Even the whopping 90pc are tall with above-average height. After plenty of research done since the year 1980, we come to know that tall men do well in their business.

So, now when it is scientifically proven. No girl would ever mind to date a handsome Richie Rich.

Tall guys are more authoritative

Not just tall guys know how to earn some extra cash and attract more women than shorter ones,

But it is generally seen that they are more reliable when they walk inside a room full of strangers. They have the natural feel of social dominance that makes them unique and stands them out from the rest of the crowd.

That is one of the reasons why taller referees are often assigned to high profile games. This proves the positive correlation between great height and perceived ability. They know better how to control the game.

Similarly, a tall guy knows how to control the situation and make everything easy for their ladylove.

Their impressive masculine characteristic

It is noted that height is a ‘masculine’ characteristic. Tall men often look more assertive and dominant. In evolutionary terms, larger men are more efficient in protecting their offspring.

They can pass on good genetic qualities to there future children. They are awarded a high social status. It is further concluded that height indicates a good evolutionary success.

Men with a proper height have a better personality than the ones who are shorter. The attraction for taller guys is mainly because of their mesmerizing character.

They are best trophy boyfriends

Women are competitive. To everything like hair, makeup, career, wealth, clothing, and every other aspect of life.

The girl often believes that dating a tall guy will give an edge to their lives. If a guy with tall stature is their boyfriend, they can easily make their girlfriends go green with envy.

These days, it serves as one of the sneaky ways to boost social status too.

Well, different people have different preferences. But being a bit inclined towards men with proper height is way too healthy, or you can also take it as most of the women are weird in the same manner.

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