8 Natural Ways To Improve Your Memory

Memories are probably the most precious thing in the world for an individual. It a mystery to the human kind, how memory works; the overall workings of a brain may be studied but detailed mechanisms of human brain are still undiscovered. Whether it be precious moments with those you care or small important matters that you need to remember, memories are important and therefore having good memory is important.

Improve Your memory

There might be several drugs to keep your memory from deteriorating, but isn’t it better to take preventive measures to keep your brain healthy? Here are eight natural ways to keep your memory strong.


1. Eat right

A good balanced diet is not only healthy for a person’s physique, it also healthy for improving mental health. There are many fruits and vegetables rich in omega 3 and Vitamin B which are exclusively good for memory. Following a diet that is high in anti-oxidants, is good for the mind. This diet includes lot of seafood and juice as well, as water is the most important when it comes to condition of your cells.


2. Get enough sleep

Probably one of the most important one in the list, is getting enough sleep. Everyone has a busy life schedule with lots of things to attend to, that does not mean you should cut in the quota of sleeping for at least eight hours to have a good memory.


3. Organize

Keeping things in place is a good way to remember where the lost thing you have been searching for might be. If you assign a place for a specific thing, it will be easier to fins and give room for more important things to keep in mind than to waste time looking for lost pen.


4. Reminders and notes 

Download a reminder app or keep sticky notes on things to do and remember. With the smartphone that most of us now possess, we can do almost anything quickly if we use it smartly. Just like the old times where flash cards helped you remember things, notes and reminder will help to improve your memory.


5. Keep the stress away and take a time out

Everyone needs a break. No matter how much of an important person you are, you are still a human being who needs to escape once in a while. Take a down time and calm yourself. Meditation is one of the most recommended things to do to improve memory.


6. Utilize all your senses

It is a proven fact that memory is not just by sight. You can remember things by keeping the memory of smell, touch and taste etc. When you start utilizing all your senses for any given work, you are guaranteed to have a strong recollection of that work. Plus with such intense concentration, your artistic touch and creative juices will pour out.


7. Socialize regularly

Science says that social interaction is a way to ward off stress and depression. As we know, depression and stress both can be a cause of memory loss. Therefore by keeping a cheerful and positive attitude, you may actually improve your mental health. So the next time a friend calls for social event, keep that time slot free.


8. Include physical exercise in your daily schedule

As much as eating and sleeping are key points of keeping a healthy mind and body, physical exercise is also one of the most important aspects of healthy memory. For keeping your memory sharp, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends adults to have at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity like jogging or brisk walking etc.

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