8 Greatest Video Games Which Can Get Anyone Addicted

Games, games, games, games and games!! No matter how many times you utter (or scream) that word, it’s still not enough. We just love to play games, be it in any form. And few of the most addictive games are console or platform based, including computer games. For now, let’s just call them the old fashion way, ‘video games’.

Video games are extremely popular and a total craze these days. From kids to adults, everyone loves to play these. Games come under various genres like action, adventure, role play (RPG), crime solving, mission and so on.  If you love games, then you should definitely try these out (or you might already have), and if you have a friend or sibling you want to get addicted to games just like you, try making them play these games. The very best of the best games ever created, these games are not only legendary, but they give a truly compelling and satisfying experience too.

Let’s check out these awesome games from across various platforms and consoles and genres and themes. This means that no matter what your console is, or what type of game you like, you’ll surely find something that you would love here.


8) Assassins Creed :

So many sequels and all live up to their fame and name. Still, I would say Brotherhood is the best out there when it comes to the shady assassin jumping roofs and climbing walls while taking out enemies with different weapons. Our protagonist is out for revenge and he does this in the most elegant and captivating way with some amazing acrobatic maneuvers.

Assassins Creed


7) Tomb Raider :

Yay, a game with a female lead! And smashing gameplay to boot. Lara Croft is arguably one of the best female game characters ever and Tomb Raider is one of the best games ever. With a mix of Assassin Creed and Prince of Persia style gameplay, this game is a must for all action and mission lovers.

Tomb Raider


6) God of War 4 :

The ultimate war god breaks havoc wherever he goes. It’s not surprising that he has few of the best battle moves ever with those shining swords and flashing chains. The battles are gripping and it’s creepily satisfying to see your opponents getting sliced and diced. The gameplay is amazing with extreme detailing and the graphics are just stunning! All GOW installments are amazing but the fourth one totally kicks because of the amazing graphics and intense gameplay.

God of War 4


5) Prince of Persia :

The POP (as of 2012, there are 4 parts) is so famous that it already has four games under its title, with our time bending prince starring in each. Our only complain is the monotony of the gameplay at some points due to the absence of support cast, but mission lovers are going to love this game. The best in the series is the third title, ‘The Two thrones’ with its stealth killing system.

Prince of Persia


4) Tekken 6 :

Tekken is an extremely famous franchise and one of the best games ever out there under the fighting genre. The one on one matches are exhilarating and the story mode is gripping as well. Tekken 6 is the latest installment and arguably the best, both in terms of cast and storyline. With so many characters and combos to choose from, you can easily immerse yourself in the game for hours. The graphics if Tekken 6 are pure win and so realistic!

Tekken 6


3) Final Fantasy X :

This might be an old game but still it’s one of the best RPG out there. It has everything including diverse cast, cute characters, gripping gameplay, great tracks, intense plotline, love, friendship and so on. Final Fantasy X brings extreme entertainment with its enjoyable fights and cut-scenes alike. It’s one of the most memorable game with beautiful graphics. A sequel, Final Fantasy X-2 was released starring an all-female lead.

Final Fantasy X


2) Ace Attorney (Phoenix Wright) :

This is a courtroom drama game with investigation, varied cast and lots of comedy infused together for a wonderful and delightful experience. There are six installments of this game and is one of the most popular games ever. The best part is that this game deviates from the normal games and their styles and introduces a fun and exciting new gameplay. No one who ever plays it can escape it’s utterly addictive influence. The best in the series is the fourth installment Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, but some elements require knowledge of the last two games to fully understand it.

Ace Attorney (Phoenix Wright)


1) Prince of Persia 2008 :

This game is different from the trilogy of Prince of Persia. And it is unbeatably the best ever POP game out there. With a kick-awesome acrobatic prince and the best ever AI support character ever, this one is truly one of the best games out there with a fresh plot line and even the script is hilarious and awesome. We has heartbroken beyond measure that it has no sequel; and that no other game can ever match its beauty and intelligence and gameplay; nor its stunning (and simply the best ever) graphics.

Prince of Persia 2008


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