8 Fun Ideas To Do With Your Long Distance Partner

Maintaining a long distance relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires deep efforts from both the sides in order to sustain it. There is a famous saying about relationships, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”. Hence, maintaining a long distance relationship is the most difficult task to work out on when compared to a regular relationship. The complications and complexities deem to arise due to the distance between the couple. In such situations, there should be some fun ideas that must be adopted by the partners. The fun ideas lower down tensions arising in the relation and sets the couple on the right trajectory of love.

Here are some of the fun ideas that must be employed by the couple in order to keep their relationship happening and healthy:

1. Sharing the funny experiences from the day:

When the partners are distant from each other, it’s very important for them to share their experience with each other. We come across some funny moments in a day. Such moments must be discussed among the couple in order to know more about each other’s daily schedule and laugh over the hilarious experience. The more you share laughter with your partner, more is the possibility of the love bond getting stronger. Therefore, such funny subjects should become a regular part of the couple’s conversations. Life becomes more interesting when there are some adventures in the day and when you discuss them with the partner, he/she starts appreciating you more, because of the interesting life you possess. Hence, sharing experience of the day is one very important aspect in doing fun things with a long distance relationship partner.

2. Play some games together on platforms like Skype, etc:

Having long conversations on Skype becomes quite monotonous and boring sometimes. This momentum needs a serious break. In order to break the chain of boredom, the couple must try playing some of the games that are available on Skype and other platforms online. These are the multi-player games that provide the opportunity for the players to play against each other. The couple should play games in opposite team in order to increase the fun and thrill in the game. Thus, playing common games induces a fun moment in long distance relationship couple.

3. Doing some drama on Skype:

Skype conversations can be made immense fun, by making some dramas on it. It can be done by assigning a particular role/ character to the partner. After assigning that role, the other person has to act accordingly. If the character is not assigned, it becomes even more interesting when one partner acts and the other have to identify the character he/she is portraying. Such small dramas induce fun in the long distance relationship. It also strengthens the bond between the couple to a great extent.

4. Keep a look at the shared calendar:

A calendar must be prepared by the couple by assigning the meeting dates to it. The closer the meeting dates are, the more excitement it creates for the couple and it eventually becomes fun to calculate the number of days left for the couple to see each other. Hence, keeping a shared calendar is another way with which fun can be induced into a long distance relationship.

5. Make a sketch of each other:

The couple should assign such a task to each other. Both of them must try making the sketch of each other. If the sketch is perfect, you will receive the appreciation and love from the other partner and if the sketch is horrible, at least you two will have some reasons to laugh upon. It’s so much fun doing such things together as it makes their relationship more compact.

6. Sending postcards with funny pictures:

The long distance relationship couple is well aware of the post card conversations. Most of the couples send post cards to each other in order to show some love and affection. These postcards must make a funny impact on the other partner to make it interesting. For this purpose, the person must choose some postcards that reflect funny pictures on them. This can prove to be hilarious when it comes to portraying emotions and helps the other partner to burst into laugh.

7. Reading a common book:

With the advancement in technology and the availability of several eBook readers, the couple must plan to read a book together. The book can be chosen on the basis of couple’s common choice. Reading the same book together and then sharing the experiences brings the couple more closely in terms of ideology. A comedy book can ensure a lot of fun for the couple and they can laugh together while the reading the book on Skype or some other platform.

8. Making fun of each other:

This is the most important part in a long distance relationship. Where there is a strong relationship, there is leg-pulling. In order to ensure a lot of fun in the relationship, the partner must make fun of the other in a good way. This apparently brings the couple closer to each other.

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