8 Awesome Military Vehicles Ever Built

Yes, there are hot men in the military who have some exciting stories to tell. However, one often ignores the vehicle whilst looking at men. Some of the military vehicles are astounding in the truest sense of the word. Here are 8 awesome military vehicles ever built –

1. Chenowth

Chenowth Military vehicle
Always wanted to live madmax in real life? Well, a glance of this patrol vehicle will let you.


2. Diamler Ferret

Daimler Ferret Military vehicle
This vehicle was built during World War II and might very well have been responsible for causing trouble in the Nazi camp.


3. Canadian Military Bombardier Iltis

Canadian Military Bombardier Iltis Military vehicle
You have never seen a more attractive jeep. What’s more it is designed on the lines of Audi Quattro and has won a Paris Dakkar.


4. NSU Kettenkrad

NSU Kettenkrad Military vehicle
This motor cycle with tracks was fighting on the wrong side of WW II but the sturdy vehicle didn’t lose in spite of its choice of side.


5. Volvo Sugga 

Volvo Sugga Military vehicle
This can be used on any kind of surface and is still found zooming at a lot of places. The famous drinks company Red Bull uses it as a promo car.


6. Power Wagon

Power Wagon military vehicle
It’s a ‘Dodge’ product. Enough said? No! It was also a vehicle widely used during WW II.


7. Rheinmetall Transportpanzer

Rheinmetall Transportpanzer Military vehicle
Just because if we’re talking about military vehicles, this one simply has to feature on the list!


8. Unimog

Unimog Military vehicle
You’d stare at it in disbelief because it looks straight out of a superhero movie!

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