7 Tricks That You Should Know About iOS 7

There is a new wave of excitement and anxiety among the Apple fans, since the time Foxconn took up the responsibility of producing new iPhones, iPads and other wearable devices. A revolution is expected as a result in this summer when we talk about the built of the new iPhones.

We have just mentioned some of the easy tricks that you can employ on IOS 7 operating system.

7 Tricks That You Should Know About iOS 7

1. Undo/ Redo:

Editing text on an iPhone is ridiculously easy. Most of the times, the typists commit mistakes and in order to evade such mistakes, the option of undo and redo is available in the iPhone. With the help of these commands, the user can improve the mistakes that he has made.

It is very interesting how you can access this command. It works as a result of a shake; the moment you shake up the phone, undo command appears on the screen. The touchscreen keyboard has to be raised and the 123 button shall be tapped. The next step is to view the next row of buttons situated above the 123/abc button. The Undo command is situated right there. Use Undo or Redo option from there, according to your convenience.

2. On the Head:

It baffles the mind to realize that you can control the features of the device using the head gestures. It can be facilitated by visiting the Accessibility option (Settings>General>Accessibility>Switch Control).

After you select switches, you need to tap on the camera option situated on the next screen. An action can be assigned to the right and left head movements.

3. Siri:

Siri is one of the most intelligent softwares that are studded in the IOS devices. It works as a virtual secretary to the iPhone user. It can be controlled too by the user without any hassles. You need to simply push the home button and talk with Siri. Once you are finished with the conversation, simply release the home button.  It enables the user to record big messages set important reminders. Siri can also read mails for you and the voice of the software is as clear as it can be. The user is also denoted about the sender’s name, the date and time of the mail being sent.

4. Better Mail Search:

The ability to define the specific mailbox while searching for mails makes IOS really handy for mail search. Searching the mail is so easy with IOS that you can simply filter the results by defining the mailbox to be searched. When compared to iCloud mail, mailing system on IOS platform is more effective.

5. Near Me:

“Near me” feature in the IOS devices enables the user check out the popular apps ranging in that location.  While you are travelling, it is simply great to know the apps that could make your travel fun and entertaining.

6. iPad and Keyboard:

There are some navigation tools that are specifically assigned for iPads. You can easily employ them to use with an Apple wireless keyboard. It can be enabled by visiting Settings>General>Accessibility and switching on the voice over. The below mentioned commands can be facilitated:

Ctrl Option H: Press the Home button

Command Shift Tab: Switch to previous app

Option and any arrow key: Scroll the page.

7. Touch ID:

The Touch ID can be made more accurate by letting the finger to scan it. It enables the device to identify the print very well.   You can hear the conversation I had with Gene Steinberg at TechNightOwl the last week. It explores the things you can do over an IOS software.

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