7 Romantic Ideas to Make Your Girlfriend / Wife Happy After a Big Fight

Small fights are a regular feature in a relationship. However, when it becomes into a big fight, it requires some serious efforts to heal. Women are very volatile when it comes to emotions. They can easily turn their back against you emotionally and also at the same time, patch up with some effective efforts from their partner. It is very important to know what works on women and what is required to make your girlfriend/wife happy after a big fight. Here are some of the romantic ideas:

1. Give  her a present:

This is the oldest and the most conventional way of making wife/girlfriend happy after a fight. It is quite effective too, provided the person knows what his wife/girlfriend likes and what could impact her the most. Gifts are a symbol of forgiveness and they should be given to the girlfriend/wife in a zestful manner. It works most of the times on women as they deem to forget the tensions arising in the relationship and start focusing more on how to use their precious present.

2. Make a documentary about your relationship:

It is very important for the couple to be reminded about the gravity of their relationship. For doing so, the man should collect all the pictures of the couple along with video memories and merge them all together to make a documentary showing the incredible love they share. This induces a very romantic moment and makes the girl forget about the worries/stress about the fight. It works very well on the women and it should be incorporated by the man who tries to make his girlfriend/wife happy after a big fight.

3. Plan a surprise date:

Take her somewhere without telling her about the surprise dinner. Keep the mood similar to what had been at the fight time. This would make the dinner more surprising. Before reaching the restaurant, ask the manager to arrange the table with some flowers and some romantic arrangement to make it a very nice dinner. Once you reach the spot and she gets surprised by your date plan. Get down on your knees to apologize for the fight and reveal how much you love her. This definitely works in most of the cases and the dinner takes away all the tensions arising in the relationship.

4. Start talking about the problem and listen more:

Women like the men to listen their problems first. The biggest mistake men commit is that they do not listen to women’s point of view and stress more on what they think. This attitude not only worsens the scenario but also instills a belief in the woman that it would not work. Hence, the man should be open to the opinion of his wife/girlfriend and patient enough to listen to her side of the story. The more calm a guy is while listening to the girl’s story, the more are the chances that the girl would believe and listen to his story. Therefore, it is a very good trick while making up for a big fight with wife/girlfriend.

5. Share some common jokes:

There are always some common jokes between a couple that are exclusive to them. Some of them can make the couple laugh at any situation, whether stressful or happy times. Therefore, the guy should come up with jokes at the right time and heal his wife/girlfriend from the terrible mood she is going through. The more a couple laughs after the fight, there are more chances of it being resolved. Thus, a light moment should be immersed in the heated atmosphere between the couple when it is needed the best.

6. Hug her in such a way that you care about her:

It’s very important to show affection and care to women at the time when it’s needed the most by her. After the big fight, she becomes very sad and needs some hugs to heal the stress and the mental breakdown. The man should walk up to her and hold her in the arms for some time. This really eases the stress in her and makes her realize that you really care for her.

7. Tell her how important she is for you:

The major reason for a fight at times is either jealousy or less attention. Hence, the man should walk up to the woman to tell her how much she means to him. Sometimes, these confrontations are needed to catalyze a relationship. Most of the men ignore this moment as they think of it as stereotyped step every lover takes. The importance of such confrontation is very high in case of an after-fight scenario. This should be done in a quiet and romantic environment, may be with a glass of wine.

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