7 Real Life Haunted Places Around Us

Ever since we were little, we were told not to believe in all these Haunted Houses myths because they were said to be rumors created by the not-so-wise people. However this article will make you think again.  We will take you to a journey of the most horrendous Haunted sites known to the main-kind ever.

Would you be brave enough to spend a night alone in one of these Fortresses? From unknown hidden corpses, to ghostly apparitions, the legends of this legendary shadowy world will give you goose bumps from head to toe!

1. Cutting Edge Haunted House, Ft. Worth, Texas:

The Cutting edge, located in Texas is actually a house located on a century old meat packing plant. It currently holds the Guinness Record for the “World’s Largest Walk through Haunted House” taking approximately 55 minutes to explore. Strange meat packing ghostly noises can be heard in there and in spite of all this, the old meat packing equipment’s are still in use till today.

7 Real Life Haunted Places Around Us

2. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India:

This ancient Rajasthani fortress is so much haunted that the Government of India has prohibited entry strictly from sunset to sunrise. The fear of this unsubstantial fortress has made people to build their offices at least a kilometer away from the fortress. The legend says that this all started because of a beautiful woman who spurned a lover’s approach and in turn made the evil magician cast a curse.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

3. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland:

This castle was known for headless drummers, spirit pipers and ghost dogs which were being reported from many centuries. This 900 year old castle was surveyed by a team of scientists in 2001 in order to cross-examine the allegations associated with this castle. Surprisingly, the scientists came out with reports about the sights, sounds and sensations which closely matched with the earlier documented reports including shadowy figures, unseen presence and even mysterious tugging of clothing!

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

4. Changi Beach, Singapore:

This Beach in Singapore was a famous ground for killing by the Japanese people in Second World War. AT this exact location, countless Chinese were tortured, mutilated and killed. Several cases of headless bodies roaming around on beach and loud screams have been reported from there. Dig holes which were supposedly used to bury the dead and sometimes even alive bodies can also been seen at night time.

Changi Beach, Singapore

5. Month Cristo, New South Wales, Australia:

Once home to Mr. and Mrs. Crowley, it is said that after her husband died, she stayed the remaining 23 years of her life confined within the house premises coming out only on 2 occasions. After her death the house remained haunted by her ghost with various haunting experiences such as a bodiless ghost, strange ghostly voices, and automatic lights turning on and off.

Month Cristo, New South Wales, Australia

6. Aokigahara Forest, Japan:

Also knows as Sea of Trees, Aokigahara Forest is a forest that lies at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. It has been told by the visitors and residents that this forest is a home to many paranormal activities and incidents such as strange beasts, monsters, and goblins being sighted. It is also popular as the ‘suicide hot-spot’. According to reports, this place accounts for one-third of the suicides being committed outdoors in Japan.

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

7. The Tower of London:

Once it was home to the Great Britain’s Royal family, uncountable people were beheaded and hung on these grounds. The most famous killing was that of Anne Boleyn, sentenced to death by King Henry VIII when she failed to produce a male heir to the family. After her death, this tower came to be known as the Bloody Tower, many visitors have claimed to have seen ghostly apparition. The Salt Tower, where Boleyn was beheaded, is the only area of the castle no dog will ever enter because her ghost still haunts that place.

The Tower of London

Over the centuries, hundreds, if not thousands, of British guards have been known to run away in fear after spotting Anne Boleyn’s ghost.

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