7 quick & simple ways to enjoy your chicken

Chicken is the ubiquitous food of the 21st century, crossing different boundaries across the globe with ease. It might be considered a taboo among some cultures, but majority of the people have embraced chicken as the most delicious delicacy of all time. Let’s take a peek into the variety of ways in which this chicken is dominating the MENU during different meals. Here’s a list of few of them.

1. Fried chicken

Fried chicken is a very common dish among everyone. It requires cooking the chicken in hot oil in a frying pan. Most fried chicken is covered in batter so its preferred to dip your chicken in batter before frying it to make a finger-licking tasty chicken meal. However it’s quite high in cholesterol. Once cooked properly, you’re ready for a yummy chicken meal to munch on!

Fried chicken

2. Grilled chicken

The entire chicken body is capable of getting grilled. It requires a little bit of expertise to grill a chicken just like in the case of BBQ. Care should be taken to ensure that the chicken pieces on the grill are turned over in suitable time period to avoid burning them up from any side. The extra effort required in grilling is totally worth the outcome.

Grilled chicken

3. Braised chicken

The word braising itself tells us how a braised chicken will turn out to be like. Fry the chicken pieces lightly till they turn light brown in color and then stew it slowly in a closed container for a suitable amount of time. Let the container do its magic. This preparation method doesn’t require any extra care and can be made pretty easily.

Braised chicken

4. Roasted chicken

The chicken is washed thoroughly in water. After cleaning the chicken, place the desired masalas under its top skin and then leave it for 20 minutes. In this manner, the spices and all the other masalas sink deep into the chicken flesh, thereby making its end result even more lip-smacking tasty. Put it on a rack in your roasting pan and then directly place it inside the oven. You can make the roast chicken even better by initially placing seasonings under the skin and finishing with a delicious sauce from the pan juices.

Roasted chicken

5. Broiled chicken

This is a more intense form of heating the chicken and cooking it. In this case, the chicken is put close to the heat source for a longer period of time under the broiler until its done cooking. We need to keep an eye on it throughout to make sure that the chicken doesn’t get burned due to over-heating.  Pour juices or melted fat over (meat) during cooking in order to retain its moist.

Broiled chicken

6. Stir-fried chicken

This gives the most unique taste to chicken. In this cooking method, the chicken is cut into small pieces and then it’s fried in little bit of grease along with vegetables and spices. You wouldn’t want to miss this delicacy as its rare and taste-satisfying!

Stir-fried chicken

7. Baked chicken

It’s quite similar to roasted chicken as here also the oven comes in handy. Initially, the chicken is defreezed and then it is prepared with your own special recipe, whatsoever it maybe. Next it is placed in the oven or microwave to bake it for a suitable length of time. Take it out, sprinkle oregano on it and it’s ready for consumption!

Baked chicken

These are few of the basic manners of cooking your chicken. If combined with a proper combination of seasonings & ingredients with an awesome recipe, it would be a complete meal to dote on a full course meal which can even rival the restaurant taste. Plus, it has its own health benefits.

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