7 Makeup Tips & Tricks To Make Your Face Looks Slim

Often in a bid to become slim, one completely forgets about the dear face. Making your face look slim can do wonders! So, to begin with, start paying attention to your face, if it is round, chubby and has a double chin, you may want to use the following tips –
7 Makeup Tips & Tricks To Make Your Face Looks Slim

1. Utilise dark foundation

Utilise dark foundation
Mixing dark foundation with the natural one can have the desired effect in no time. Apply the lighter one near the high cheek bones and jaw bones and the darker one on the rest of your face. You will definitely see that your face looks slim.

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2. Contouring 

It is not wise to contour on a daily basis because it takes a lot of time but it is an excellent idea for occasions. It works magically with dark foundation.


3. Highlighter

A highlighter can do wonders to your face. Start from the middle and then take it to the sides, you shall feel real good on doing it.


4. Hair is your best friend

Hair and makeup
Get a haircut that accentuates your face lines and see how amazing the final result is. Hair can do surprising wonders!


5. Smoky Eye Makeup 

Smoky Eye Makeup
Apply eye shadow in a lighter tone; apply eye liner to go with it and finish it off with mascara. Heavy eye makeup also results into an elusive slimness of the jaw line.

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6. Shimmery, thy name is beautiful!

shimmer makeup
Yes, using shimmer can also make your face look extremely slim. You can use shimmer on your eyes, lips and cheek bones.


7. Using the right products 

Using the right  makeup products
If you aren’t using the right makeup products and the right brands, you are definitely going to get the right look. The right product surely goes a long way.

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