7 Incredibly Beautiful & Hot Female Weather Forecasters

Sunny, dry, hot, cool, moist etc. are some adjectives often used for weather. They are also adjectives feminists cringe at. For, they often define women. However, you need something above the norm to define an overly attractive woman. Are you wondering if weather and women go together? Well, don’t. Just look at these 7 wonderful weather forecasters


1. Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee
Oh, get over Jen Anniston already! One look at Jenna Lee and it’ll linger for a very long time. She started off as a weather reporter and jumped to the position of anchor in absolutely no time. We say beauty, brains and confidence…aye?


2. Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas
If hotness in a woman could be defined, it would be Julie Banderas. The perfect figure with finely tinselled legs and looks to die for! Enough said?


3. Julie Durda

Julie Durda
This one has a penchant for covering storms. A storm for a storm we say. No?


4. Courtney Friel 

Courtney Friel
This blonde beauty has got many a gigs in her career and the attention of many-a-men in her life. Way to go, girl!


5. Jackie Johnson 

Jackie Johnson
She reads weather and apparently, reads men and media too. Why shouldn’t she? She is an insider, isn’t she? So, her relationship status remains shrouded in mystery while a million hearts long for her and keep hoping for her single-dom.


6. Jackie Guerrido 

Jackie Guerrido
She is a hot weather reporter who knows her job too well. Need we say more?


7. Diana Alvarado

Diana Alvarado
A look at her bikini shots and you’d wish she read weather in that attire. Hot, appealing and beautiful, she’d knock you off your socks in no time.

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