7 Incredible Health Benefits Of Fasting

Fasting makes most of us cringe but it would come across as a surprise that it is often beneficial and helps keep us fit. Wondering how the hell is that possible? Take a look at the following list and you will know –
Health Benefits Of Fasting

1. Detoxification

This is the most obvious one. Since there is no income of food in the body, the body utilises stored fat, thereby completely cleansing itself of toxic waste.


2. Improvisation of Sugar Level

The cells of your body can now moderate the sugar level in your blood better than they previously did and this is why, the capacity of your body to digest and ingest food improves as well.


3. Improvisation of the Digestive System

Just like we tend to rejuvenate after a day’s rest, the digestive system does too. Since there is no need to digest for the day, the digestive system is at rest and starts to work better the next day onwards.

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4. Improvisation of immunity

Needless to say, this will happen owing to the other 3 but if you dump an excessive amount of food in your stomach to break the fast, it won’t work. Break your fast normally.


5. Correction of Blood Pressure

If you are a patient of blood pressure or even if you are not, fasting is going to stabilise your blood pressure like nothing else. So if you have or doubt that you have blood pressure problems, then go ahead and fast for a day. You will be surprised how ‘fast’ the problem disappears.


6. Addiction Overruled!

And like a boss! Do you suffer from some kind of addiction? Alcohol, pot, cigarettes and so on…. It is pretty obvious that you are going to abstain from it during the fast and that is definitely going to help you kick off the addiction to an extent.


7. Weight Loss

This is also very obvious. Not eating, detox etc. is obviously going to help you detox. It is going to immensely help improve your health and so, why wouldn’t it also improve your weight?

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