7 Iconic Places For Photography

Photography is an art of taking an image of a person or place or almost anything. For a beautiful and professional image, apart from the object being photographed, we need proper lightning, fine weather and perfect surroundings. Oh, not to mention a nice camera. Photography is possible in both natural light and artificial light. The perfect place for photography is hard to define, but in broad terms, it is that place which has the power to attract photographers.

Here we are listing some iconic places for capturing shots, which are frequently visited by photographers. These places have different qualities which tend to favor stunning photography and photographers are attracted towards these sites as it gives a nice shot with minimal efforts. These places have that natural “wow factor”.

1) Antarctica

Antarctica is the coolest continent of all the continents (and we are not talking about only the weather) which makes it hard for humans to reside there (now this is only due to the temperature). About 96% of Antarctica’s land is covered in ice. There are huge icebergs and sublime blue glaciers spread all over the white continent. The beautiful eye pleasing white ice, mountain ranges covered in snow, deep blue sky, so many exotic penguins can attract any photographer to Antarctica. All these factors make Antarctica a perfect place to photograph.


2) Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We can’t describe its grace & beauty in words and for photography no place can match Venice. Every building, every house, every structure in Venice is crafted with utmost attention & details. Each object is a masterpiece on its own which enhances the appeal of Venice and makes it an iconic place to photograph.

Venice, Italy

3)  Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is dazzling & fantastic hill station full of natural marvel and exquisite allure located in Cusco region Peru. After Hiram Bingham discovered Machu Picchu in 1911 and the world faced the beauty and brilliance of this rare and wonderful station. Nature blessed this place with lots of love; there are so many Sanctuaries surrounded by mountains, incredibly heavenly weather, décolleté valleys, stone houses, eye pleasing sites, fresh and sparkling sky makes this place a heaven not only for photographers, but everyone. So photographers love to take capture this place for all those who can’t see this place for themselves.

Machu Picchu, Peru

4) Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal is a monumental building build by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan and it is famous for being the symbol of love since the past 350 years. Because of its beauty and fine architecture, Taj Mahal has become one of the most favorite spots of photographers and tourists alike. Its beauty dazzles even more when moon light shines on it causing the marble to shine like a little moon on earth. Taj Mahal is built on the bank of Yamuna River which is ideally a perfect location. The favorite spot of photographers is the pool in front of Taj Mahal where the reflection of Taj Mahal is visible enchantingly.

Taj Mahal, India

5) Easter island

Easter Island is a Polynesian island famous for its statues called Moai. This island is located on southernmost Pacific Ocean and those statues are made by early Rupa Nui’s. At night the rows of these statues may even seem daunting enough to haunt us for a while but after a while they just seem irradiate with unparalleled magnificence. Easter Island is full of rumors regarding these statues hence photographers are attracted towards these on account of both the scene and story.

Easter island

6) The Serengeti, Tanzania

Serengeti is famous for the largest population of lions in the world. Serengeti is habitat of over 500 species and it is located north Tanzania, Africa. Serengeti has the largest mammal migration that attracts lots of photographers who love wildlife photography. Wildlife photographers come to here to capture wildness of the mighty lions and other wild animals.

The Serengeti, Tanzania

7) The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The pyramids of Giza are the oldest among the amazing Seven Wonders of the World. Since over 4500 years these pyramids are the largest man made structures. The triangular prism like shape of these pyramids gives a unique look; it is said that this was used for defining place, time and ethos. Because of their long history, splendid scenery, serene atmosphere and tourists’ curiosity, these pyramids attract thousands of photographers to Egypt.

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

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