7 Funny Drinking Games To Play With Your Friends

“If you don’t drink, then how will your friends know you love them at 2 am??” – Anonymous

Parties or just going out with your friends are a great time to wind up the stress of the work and end it fun weekend. Whatever the reason might be, drinking is always fun and funny as well if you are going to do it with your friends. This is the time for the silliness to take over. Just in case you need any other reason to open that bottle, here are few drinking games to get you started.


1. Flip, Sip or Strip

Flip, Sip or Strip Drinking Game

If you are in a company of friends that are as much as crazy as you are, you know you have to well-prepared before going out for drinks with them. Well prepared? By that we mean wearing extra clothing, just in case you start playing strip poker or something as fun. Flip, sip or strip is risqué drinking game which will test how much can you go up on making a public scene by indecency for stripping. The game rule – flip a coin and guess the outcome- head or tails. If you are right, then player o the right will take a turn and if you lose, the payer on the left which will include you stripping a cloth as punishment. The only other rule is that you can’t pick the same side after the initial result.


2. I Never

I Never drinking game

One of the classic games that probably everyone knows, this is a great entertainment provider and a source for embarrassing yourself as well as your friends by revealing sometimes hidden truths. This game requires honesty, it is only fun if you are open and willing to reveal about yourself.  You can keep it tame or let the fun begin with really awkward questions.


3. Six Cups

Six Cups drinking game

Gather six cups and bring in on your wild adventurous side to play this game. You will need to get six cups, mugs, shot glasses or anything that you have and place them in a line. Number the cups and pick the type of alcohol you want to use. The first player roles a single die and pour into the next cup and leave the remaining drink for the next player. Discuss beforehand the rules of how much is to be drunk and how much is to left for other player. The next player roles the die with two outcomes, if the number matches the empty cup, more alcohol is to poured but if the number matches of the cup that has drink in it then the player will have to drink.


4. Quarters

Quarters drinking game
Everyone has probably heard of this one, you have to bounce the quarter into the glass. When a player bounces the quarter into the glass, they get to choose who will drink, if they lose they take a shot themselves.


5. Scattergories

This is a skill based game where the players sit in a circle and someone chooses a topic or a category, be it musicians or name of capitals. The players are allow to lie if they don’t know, if the next player calls them on it, they take a drink if they get caught in the lie. If the person doesn’t catch the lie and continues but the following player calls the lie, the person who couldn’t catch the lie will take a drink.


6. Thumper

Thumper drinking game

Players sit in a circle and choose a hand gesture that assigned to each one, no matter if it’s dirty or clean. Just remember the sign each player has assigned for themselves.  The player will do his own gesture and then somebody else’s. The next players will follow in line, as soon as someone misses the cue or takes time he takes a shot.


7. Buzz

What happens when math loving people have a drinking game? Buzz is what happens; it is fairly easy initially when all you have to do is make each player count a number in turn. Whenever the number is divisible by seven, the person needs to say ‘buzz” instead. If he/she doesn’t or misses chance then he/she takes a drink.

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