6 Unbelievable Things You Not Expecting From Game Of Thrones Season 6 E1

Well, to begin with the first episode of season 6 was quite unexpected not just in huge ways but also in subtle ways. For instance, the dogs and hounds don’t die because they are drawing in viewership. Theoretically, they will be returned to Lord Ramsay towards the end. After all, no one wants puppies dying. Melisandre’s necklace has oft been questioned but then she is a witch and hence, there ought to be a plot behind the scarf theory. A lot of viewers and especially the readers aren’t happy with the way things end in the show. In fact, the whole thing seems to be rushed and not a lot of people are happy with it. Also, a lot of things that happen completely beat logic. Here are 6 unbelievable things that no one expected in the first EP –
6 Unbelievable Things You Not Expecting From Game Of Thrones Season 6

1. The Beatings at Braavos 

When the two orphans were fighting each other, no one gathered around them and they simply fought all by themselves. Is that even possible? Braavos is not known to be a city that indulges into any kind of war training etc. publically on a daily basis and hence, this event should have gathered a huge crowd. However, no crowd is seen around the two fighting orphans.

2. Martell Mystery

If one has read the books one shall know that House Martell was one of the most powerful houses and hence, it shouldn’t disappear like it did. In the process of the desire to giving the viewers a shock, the writer thoroughly disappoints.

3. Who let the dogs out? 

The dogs suddenly disappear during the fight between Brienne and Bolton and no one has a clue where they are. Everyone hopes there is a sensible explanation to this one.

4. Mysterious, Magical Melisandre

Did King Stannis sleep with a 400 year old woman? Also, while everyone believes there is a story that is logical behind the necklace, it is only a fickle hope so far. Let us hope there is a lot more to this wise and magical character.

5. Where is Ghost?

If Jon is dead, where is Ghost? There seem to be absolutely no signs of Jon’s wolf and no one is going to believe that Ghost was purposely left alive.

6. Cersei’s Character

No one expected the cruel badass queen to go through character and behavioural changes. She did all she could to protect her children, her throne and the iron throne itself with every fibre of her being. However, once she sees that her plans are not working and Maegi’s prophecies are coming through in spite, she seems to be slowly accepting her fate.

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