6 The Best And Cheapest Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine day is coming and if you want to make it a memorable one. Below are some tips through which you can make your valentine an formidable without emptying your wallet.
 Celebrate Valentine's Day
1- Swap dinner for lunch :- The dishes may be corresponding but do the portions you have taken are also same or not. Make your lunch a lower one. In short, instead of meeting your girlfriend at dinner, meet her at Lunch and and use your savings to some something more exciting and romantic.
2- Skip the theatre and rent a movie : Movie theaters generally cost a lot. Instead of visiting theaters, prefer renting a movie and watch in indoors in a most romantic manner.
3- Give the valuable gift :- Time is worth more than anything in life. So instead of giving valuable gifts to your girlfriend, spend some quality time with her which she may remembers lifetime and in that time make her enjoy to the fullest.
4- Make a heart shaped pizza at home :- Make a pizza of heart shape at home and for this you can take the recipe online. Put her name on that pizza and make her feel how much special she is for you.
5- Eat desert for dinner :- Ice cream, Choco pie or pancakes? Make your five year old boy inside you out and make your night even more sweet.
6- Play a game at night :- At night play a game with your sweet heart in which her win as it will spice up her night and she will never forget this enjoyable time ever.

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