6 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions To Install Right Now

Google Chrome Extensions are small software that are used to modify and enhance the functionality of Google Chrome Browser. These extensions usually have little to no user interface. These are extra features that you need and thus can download without over cluttering the browser. All these Google chrome extensions are available in the Google Play Store and can be easily downloaded and used. 6 Extensions that one should install right now are:

Must Have Google Chrome Extensions

1. Offline Dictionary

We all need dictionaries at one point or the other. And what is better than having an offline dictionary in your computer when you don’t have a constant internet connection. The dictionary keeps giving suggestions while the user is typing the word and helps you out itself. There is a random button for those who love having fun with their words and are looking to enhance their vocabulary. One glitch in the extension is that it doesn’t save the searches and you have to retype your word for searching it later.


2. Change Colors:

There is some good news for people with weak and sensitive eyes like mine; ChangeColors is the extension that overrides the fonts, background as well as the foregrounds colors on any webpage. This extension has the option of overriding all the WebPages globally or you can customize which page to override and which to view as it is. My eyes hate websites with black backgrounds (e.g. www.dpreview.com), but after installing ChangeColors, my eyes are happy!


3. Lazarus: Form Recovery

All of us bloggers have had those moments where we have types a huge heart wrenching paragraph, only to get an error message right after posting it, and all of the work is lost forever, but these events may be of the past, since now, we have something called Lazarus: Form Recovery. Lazarus automatically backs up everything you type in the text box, it may be comment, a post or even a form that you may be filling for your passport. There is an option available in the extension where you can set it to erase the text history after x hours and it is highly recommended that you enable password protected encryption and limit the erase option to 1-2 hours.


4. Magic Actions for YouTube

All the YouTubers can rejoice since this extension is built just for them. It is built to give full cinematic experience to the viewers, it forces YouTube to play videos at your choice of resolution by the AutoHD feature and it tidies up the annoying comments and the related videos section by the Cinema Mode so that you can focus on the videos alone. There is an auto Volume Scroller for the mouse, it deletes the view history automatically. There is also a day/Night toggle Switch to browse YouTube in Black or White.


5. PriceBlink

This one is for all e-shoppers out there. It automatically compares prices from different sites and tells you whether the product you are looking for can be bought at cheaper prices on other sites. It displays the shipping costs along with price comparison and also alerts the buyers about the money-saving coupons that are available on the site.  But caution is needed while using this extension and a few websites on the database are bait and switch scams, so it’s better to compare and buy from renowned sites only.


6. FlashBlock

It is the extension that can be used for blocking all the Macromedia Flash content that is present on the webpage. The placeholders are left on the web pages that allow the users to then click on the flash videos and download the videos to watch them. It puts an end to auto playing ads, flash-based videos and hidden flash elements.

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