5 Weird Foods From Around The World

Continuing from our last article, we are here to discuss the weirdest, scariest and the most terrifying food ever. And no, we are not guarantying that the taste would be bad or good; we are just saying that the physical appeal of the food is such that you might start feeling nauseous from just the thought of eating it. But, if you love food, or you are the adventurous type, go ahead; take a bite of any of the mentioned foods here!

Durian :

Last we checked, mango was the king of fruits, but apparently Durian is regarded as the “king of fruits” in Southeast Asia. From the photos, these may look like bug, thorny custard apples, but in reality these are big, but smelly too. Plus the thorns make eating it much more difficult; that is if you get past its smell which can be smelled from around more than a kilometer! You must have guessed that it stinks by now; people compare it to sewage or smelly socks.


Baby Mice Wine :

Honestly, food couldn’t get any creepier than this. This is a traditional drink in China and Korea and regarded as a health tonic that tastes like gasoline. Baby mice are taken while their eyes are still closed and drowned in rice wine while still alive. A slew of the mice are left to ferment. Not only are you supposed to drink this, but eat the dead mice too. Don’t know about others, but this is extremely extreme!

Baby Mice Wine

Balut :

A common street food in the Philippines, it involves taking a half fertilized egg (that means the duck embryo is very much alive and breathing) and then boiling it (alive, yes); and then seasoned with vinegar, chili and salt. If you love eggs, then here’s something new for you.


Casu Marzu :

If you are a pure veggie and you think veg food can never give you the horrors of mice wine or balut, then why don’t you try Casu Marzu? It’s dead cheese; or to be more specific rotten cheese which contains live insect larvae. The larva is introduced for advanced fermentation. These larva looks like white worms and the best part about Casu Marzu is that you can eat it with the larva itself if you so desire.

Casu Marzu

Fugu :

Did you ever feel the urge to try something risky? Well here’s the deal – you eat Fugu. Why? Because it contains tetrodotoxin, which is 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide in enough dose to kill 30 people. Only specialized chefs are allowed to prepare it in japan, where it’s a luxury food. Still around 300 people die every year from Fugu consumption. Talk about risky.


Woah that makes our list of next five extraordinary foods (which is putting it politely).  As is obvious, some of these dishes are not just plain creepy, but lethal too (for most of us anyways). Extreme caution is advised while dealing with them, that is after you get past its physical appeal and your psychological horrors. If you do try these, let us know.

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