5 Weird Fish Breed Captured Off The Baja Coast

Fishing is an adventurous sport, you are never too sure what you will find underneath the water and it usually comes with pleasant surprises like what happened recently off the Baja coast. The bizarre looking fish were found in the water and it has become a big news across the US for many reasons than not.

Baja California Sur is considered to be a heaven for travelers. There is plenty of room for fishing in this place. The waters in Baja can however come up with exciting yet surprising results with weird breed of fish being caught off the water. Here are some of the common examples:

1. Speckled Roosterfish:

Speckled Roosterfish

This is one of the weirdest fish found off the coast of Baja. Roosterfish is considered to be very photogenic, mostly because of its bizarre sharp features. The crew of Jen Wren found this fish while doing “Sport fishing”. The fish consists of an odd shaped head and a worn tail. The owner of Jen Wren fleet, Mark Rayor stated that he had never come across such fish in his entire career. However, a similar looking fish was caught in the area about a couple of years ago. When the scientists were consulted for the same, they could not frame a theory immediately. If you consider the perception of the locals, then the appearance of this fish is majorly due to the spawning season.

2. Albino one-eyed Cyclops shark:

Albino one-eyed Cyclops shark

There is a definite reason why we have kept this fish at the number two spot in our countdown of most bizarre fish in the world. It was pulled up by a commercial fisherman and extracted from the fetus of a dusky shark that was pregnant at the time. There are rumors that the dusky shark was considerately a bull shark. In late June, it was caught in Paz. There were about nine of the pups that were inside of the mother shark and the one that was extracted was found dead the previous day before the catch. The specialty about the fetus was that it looked extremely different and bizarre. The scientists were also shell shocked while viewing the pictures posted by the fishermen.  However, one researcher came out in open and jokingly said that the fetus was “cycloptomus”. This is certainly one of the most bizarre fish around the world.

3. Alien like Oarfish:

Alien like Oarfish

These sea creatures find a stark resemblance with serpents. They are a rarity but are sometimes found swimming off the shores of Baja. These creatures are usually found dead or on the verge of death while swimming on the shores of Baja. The fishermen eye for this creature all time long but finding one is a big rarity and it becomes a spectacle on achieving that feat. The 15 foot fish was found on the Medano beach in October 2012. Oarfish have bodies that resemble ribbon like flexibility. These fish can be as long as 35 feet. They are certainly one of the most spectacular fish in the sea world.

4. Powder Blue Dorado:

Powder Blue Dorado

This fish is also known by the name mahi-mahi and possesses a greenish gold color. This color emerges while it is fighting for survival. It is called Dorado, since Dorado is referred to the golden color in general. Powder Blue Dorado was found in October last year by Dave Maynard. Dave is also the host for “fish the Baja”. Powder Blue Dorado was found in the sea of Cortez near La Paz. Around 154 Dorado were found in that time. Out of that number, around six were blue in color. The silver one was also aboard and it looks wonderfully good.

5. Rare Ratfish:

Rare Ratfish

This fish is known to be filthy and bizarre, especially in its looks. The picture of this fish was taken back in the year 2009. It was caught at the coast of Cabo San Lucas. The Manager of “Pisces Sportfishing” stated that these creatures look like Seal and resemble a baby marlin. The strange description of the creature is aptly stated as it looks ugly and bizarre in the pictures. This was one of the rarest catches of the sailor. This fish has not been mentioned a lot of times in the media or science and hence, it remains a spectacular rare creature. A smaller ratfish was however found in Cabo in the year 2011. These creatures are strange and rare and finding it off the baja coast was no less than an achievement.

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