5 Unusual And Popular Cat Names Of All Time

We did not have a cat for years and after a long time, the family was happy to welcome two rescue kittens into the house. The adoption was not on the cards but sometimes, the good pets always convey a message to the owners that they want to go home.

The first of the cats came by us while me and my daughters went to a farmers market in order to buy some tomatoes. The kitten adoption idea was running through my subconscious mind. The moment my daughters held their eye on the kitten, who possesses black ball of fur with a coloring identical to sweet lab lost in the old age.

My daughters were lost in its charm and so was I. The youngest of my daughter took the responsibility of naming the new pet member of the family. She named the pet “Mickey”. This name had been taken by the book, “The Cat Who Thought He Was a Mouse”. However, I have a doubt if Mickey would have known if he was really a mouse but I am not sure if everyone in the family accepted the new member from the first day.

5 Unusual And Popular Cat Names Of All Time

There were no plans of adding a cat to the tally of our pet members. Hence, there was less preparation considering that we were adding another car in just a matter of three days. My daughters found another stray kitten near the trash of their school while they were doing the Girl Scout. We are known to be humans and have to behave like one too. So, we took that kitten in our house too. The new kitten was given the name Scout (based on the fact that my daughters found him while doing the Girl Scout).

The names of our cats always find some connection with the place where they were found. These names are quite original and can fail anyone when it comes to authenticity and originality. However, I must make the guilty confession that when I was a kid, I myself took help of the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance’s list of common cat names in order to name my cats. Here are the names of our cats.

 Try to see if you can find these names similar to any of your cat’s:

1. Max

2. Lucy

3. Smokey

4. Shadow

5. Charlie

ASPA is making some serious efforts to keep their name list as original as they can. Now we will aware you of the most unusual cat names that you can come across.

Here they are:


Stevie Thunder

Princess Lollipop


Lady Marmalade

Peter the Great

Halley Beri Flufferton III

Candy Corn

Now, after this post your mind may be baffling and wondering if your cat’s name is as original as it should be. Please mention comments under the post conveying your opinion about the original cat names and suggest us some of the unique names from your end too.

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