5 The Most Thrilling Movies about Terrorism

In today’s world there are terrorist acts everywhere repeatedly and they have no end. Film industries made so many movies upon this acts of terror in our daily life which we don’t even know about. These movies are well informative about terrorist acts how to implement or how they execute their tasks, there chain system and about many new things. Here are some of movies that are showing brief detailed stories about terrorist acts have a look on the list of movies.

1. Skyfall


Skyfall a production of Barbara Broccoli and a highly recommended serious about terrorist acts yet in Hollywood. Skyfall is the twenty-third part of the series and yet more to release. The character James Bond is casted by Daniel Craig. In this part bond was executed by accident when Eve attempted to take down a terrorist. Bond came back for M when he came to know someone is attempting to execute M by an old MI6 agent named Silva. It has 8.0 rating on IMDB. Directed by Sam Mendes and written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade.

2. Zero Dark Thirty


Zero Dark Thirty is based on a real act of terror; it’s about the hunt of al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden by US Nation. As revenge for September 2001 attacks on World Trade Centre. Showing how they came to know about the Laden’s residence through a long chain of terrorist statements and finding a single person worked as Laden’s courier. In this a Maya is a character that follows this long chain to hunt down Bin Laden. At the end Laden being hunt down by the Navy S.E.A.L. Team 6 in May, 2011. It has 7.7 rating on IMDB. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow and written by Mark Boal.

3. The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight (2008) by Marvel picture production is a fantasy movie on a character Batman played by Christian Bale, Who is a well-developed country man, named Bruce Wayne a billionaire he is against crime in Gotham city. The terrorist shown in this movie was a Joker named character played by Heath Ledger. Who loves to play terror games. This movie was blockbuster of 2008. It got 9.0 rating on IMDB. Directed by Christopher Nolan and written by Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan.

4.  24 (TV Movie)

24 (TV Movie)

24 (TV Movie) is one of the best series on terrorist acts. It shows the real chain of terrorism how they do things to create terror. In this highlights a day in life of Federal Agent Jack Bauer. Who is best in counter attacks for terror. He is highly skilled in his profession. It has 7.2 rating on IMDB. It is directed by Jon Cassar and written by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran.

5. Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Live Free or Die Hard (2007) A film based on terror activities, full of crime and action. It is also one of the many parts of the series Die Hard. In this John McClane a character played by Bruce Willis. He was cop in the movie who was up against a group of internet based terrorist who trying to shut down the United States. With his there was a kid named Matthew ‘Matt’ Farrell who is a hacker and a series threat to terrorist and they trying to execute him also but he is being saved by John. He helps him to take them down. Directed by Len Wiseman and written by Mark Bomback and Mark Bomback.

Here is all 5 top movies which I think is best and the most informative on terrorist activities. Watch them and share your views. I think you would love to watch these movies.


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