5 Terrifying Real Life Stories of Human Cannibalism

Human Cannibal cases have been terrifying the people since a long time now. Human race has been created in order to stay in the community life but there are some cases that negate this fact. Some cases have been noticed where people are seen eating the flesh of other human body. This is a serious case of cannibalism which is becoming quite popular scenario these days. Some people do it because of their disturbed mental state while the others do it because of their tendency towards humans. They are Zombies. Some people turn out to be such walking human eaters after the influence of a heavy drug, bath salts. The old mental illness is also a major cause of this tendency to arise.

The government of different countries is taking some serious steps towards this inhuman act. It has to be ended; otherwise there will be no space for humanity in this world. Here are some of the most terrible stories that feature the human flesh eaters:

1. “The Miami Zombie”

It’s a story about the Zombie case that happened on May 26, 2012. It covers Rudy Eugene who was driving his car on a silent highway in Miami on this day. Suddenly he stopped his car by the MacArthur Causeway in Miami and when he was not able to restart the car, he started walking on the road. Under the effect of the Florida sun, this guy got crazy, he pulled his shirt off, ripped off his jeans and started running on the highway. On his way, he encountered an old man named Ronald Poppo. It was Poppo’s jinx that he came in way of Eugene that particular day.

Human Cannibalism

Eugene spotted Poppo and attacked him by eating almost all of his flesh on the face. While doing so, Poppo got severely injured with injuries around his face. When the people around Poppo tried to intervene and stop Eugene to perform this dastardly act, he roared at them while carrying on eating the flesh of Poppo. Finally, it was Police who shot him dead in order to retrieve Poppo from the clutches of this man turned Zombie.

After the medical reports came out in open, it was reported that Eugene was under the effect of a particular drug called “Bath salts”. This is a hallucinating drug which causes the person to perform such dastardly acts.

2. “The Canadian Cannibal”

This is a case of cannibalism which will shake you to the bottom. It concerns the story of Luka Rocco Magnotta, who was 29 years old at the time of crime. He was a male gay porn star. He was living in a relationship with the Chinese Boyfriend, Jun Lin. One day, Magnotta got out of sorts and killed his partner by stabbing him and slitting his throat with the help of an ice pick. After killing his partner, Magnotta sliced his lover into several pieces and gave those pieced to his dog for eating. Also he masturbated using the dead body parts of Jun Lin. Moreover, this criminal filmed all the events with the help of a video cam.

 Luka Rocco Magnotta

He was so obsessed by his crime that he posted it on some of the internet websites and was proud of this act. After committing the crime he flew to Paris and then Berlin where he was captured by the Police authorities.

3. Swedish Professor eats his wife’s lips

The next case is concerning an associate professor from the Swedish Medical Institute. He had been jealous of his wife’s outings with younger guys. Because of suspicion, he had regular fights with his wife. One day, after a heated discussion, he cut the lips of his wife with the help of a knife and then ate them. This is a prime crime when it comes to cannibalism. He was caught after the act subsequently and punished.


4. Man serves his own genitals at a banquet

This unique act was committed by man from Tokyo. He tweeted before this incident that he would offer his genitals in a meal for 100,000 yen, wherever the buyer needs it. It was considered as a joke and nobody took it seriously.

Mao Sugiyama, who tweeted it, calls himself as an asexual man. He electively got his genitals removed and cut them in pieces. After the twitter statement, he subsequently served the meal of his genitals to a set of 5 people. This is a very unique act and is considered one of its own types.


5. Man eats his roommate’s heart and brain

Alex Kinyua, the citizen of Kenya who was studying at the Morgan state University in Maryland accepted that he killed his room partner Kujoe Bonsafo with the help of a knife and then ate his important organs. This is a very cowardly act and was condemned by many people around the world.

Alex Kinyua

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