5 Reasons Why Chocolate is good for Health

Apart from being a tasty treat, chocolates carry with them a lot of positive health effects too. However, this statement might sound a bit exaggerative, but it’s definitely true. A chocolate is certainly good for the health. The only precaution to be taken while consuming chocolates is that the person has to take it in adequate proportion and not to consume all at once. A little bit of everything is good and healthy.

According to a research done by a bunch of scholars, chocolate helps invariably to keep the mind sharp and it is extremely useful for the old people to keep their memory on track. Such a research paper was published on Neurology journal. In this research, some participants were asked to consume 2 cups of cocoa every day for a set of 30 days. It was witnessed that these participants invited 8.3 percent more blood flow to their brains.

5 Reasons Why Chocolate is good for Health

These participants could score better in the thinking and memory tests than the ones who were not on the cocoa diet. Therefore, we can foresee the positive effects of cocoa on the human body. Here are some of the reasons why eating chocolate can prove to be a very healthy resort for people of all ages:

1. It maintains a healthy heart:

If you eat chocolate on a regular basis, it can help maintain the heart condition substantially. The risk of heart attack reduces to a great extent and it is advised for the high risk heart patients to consume a chocolate a day.

2. It helps in slimming down:

Chocolate has always been stereotyped to be a fat rich food. However, it is totally a wrong conception and people must know about its nature before holding on to such a stereotype. On the contrary, according to one study, it has been found out that the people who eat chocolate on a regular basis are prone to be slimmer than their counterparts who don’t consume any chocolate in the day. It was also noticed that the people who eat chocolate 5-6 times a day are considered to be having a low BMI than the ones who avoid eating them.

3. It controls the appetite of a person:

Since chocolate is a rich source of fiber, it works effectively as an appetite suppressant. Therefore, if a person goes for chocolate rather than normal food, he is expected to consume lesser calories than he would have otherwise consumed. Hence, chocolate plays an important role in appetite control.

4. Chocolate helps in preventing cancer:

Yes, it’s as true as it seems. Chocolate certainly helps in preventing cancer. Cocoa, which is the major ingredient in the production of chocolate contains a compound that is known as pentameric procyanidin or pentamer, which prevents the cancer, cells to spread through the entire body. This study was concluded by the researchers from Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University back in 2005. They treated cancer cells with pentamer and found out that the protein that was required for the cancer growth was suppressed by this compound and hence, the cells stopped dividing and spreading throughout.

5. Chocolate improves the skin:

Dark chocolates are considered to be extremely good for your skin. It contains Flavonoids that protect the skin of women from UV sun rays but the impact of such compound is limited and therefore, women cannot wholly depend on a dark chocolate in order to get protection from the UV rays. There is simply no replacement for the sunscreens available in the market. However, a dark chocolate significantly helps to improve the skin quality of the person.


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