5 Popular Websites To Make Your Own Memes

Memes are something that is either loved by people or hated, or they simply don’t understand their meaning. It’s a popular trend to submit memes after making them. This is a great platform for the creative minds and innovators. Memes are really popular these days and one of the most popular memes of all time is the one that featured on Reddit.

Subreddits accepts memes from creative minds and the user can submit them on this website in the form of r/careforanimals. It is very interesting and easy to make memes. Here are some of the popular websites to make your own memes:


1. Imgur:

Imgur is one of the most reliable websites to make your own meme. The efficiency of a meme is adjudged by Redditor’s “memegen”. This is the in house tool to create memes. The user can select his desired meme by using the drop down menu available in this website. The user can make a selection from the memes that are already available on the website, or make a meme of their own by creating one. After the meme is created, it can be uploaded to Imgur directly and shared with everyone from there.



2. Livememe:

The viral characters that are a common sight on the internet appear on this website. Its homepage contains as many as 100’s of memes that are popular in the current scenario. After the images are chosen and selected, they must be posted through Reddit with the help of a share button.



3. Quickmeme:

This meme website is banned for use by Reddit. They had a conflict regarding the gaming of their voting system. However, quickmeme is one of the most commonly used websites for the creation of memes. Apart from letting the user create memes in this website, it also lets the people to socialize as there is also a social network in the website.



4. Meme Dad:

This website was backed by Reddit after Quickname was banned by the same. The striking feature about this website is that its ad free and watermark free. The interface of the website is too similar to that of Livememe and it has a strong integration with Reddit and that was the purpose why Reddit backed it.

Meme Dad


5. Photoshop:

Photoshop has been rendering an ample of services to its clients. Making a meme is also one of its impeccable services. The interface of Photoshop is user friendly and quite simple; therefore it’s very easy to create a meme using this website. The image file can be opened and a text layer to the top and bottom of the image can be added. After this, the user needs to choose the impact font and make sure that the caps lock is on while accomplishing the task.


Once the text has been added, layer tab must be opened and layer styles must be checked. Soon after, the user needs to change the effect color to black. The blend mode option must be turned to hard light. After adjusting the thickness of the outline, the user must proceed further.

While working on a meme using the Photoshop website, the user will have to deal with the fact that Photoshop promotes and supports high quality pictures and they cannot be compressed or watermarked by any other third party website.

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