5 Popular Alternative Software Like Teamviewer

Teamviewer has dominated the market for a long time. It is impeccable software that has made it easier for the users to work with multiple friends or business counterparts. When someone does not understand the concept, you can easily log in the teamviewer and improve their skills while teaching them how to do it better. Teamviewer is one of the longest running software of its kind but it was not a while before other alternative softwares were launched.

With the growing improvement of techniques and innovations, there is no space for domination for longer time. One good software is replaced by its alternatives in no matter of time. It has been the case with every software and it has happened to Team viewer is no different.  Teamviewer has been serving the market for a long time and it is the first choice for the users but in case they find it difficult to download it or look for some new features, they can always go for its alternatives in the market.


Here are the top 5 popular alternative software like Teamviewer:

1. Chrome Remote Desktop:


Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension of Google Chrome browser and it enables the user to access the other computer with the help of a Chrome browser or a Chromebook. The computers can be availed for a short term along with the ad hoc remote support. It can also be availed for a long term base and the apps and files can be accessed through it. The connections are totally secured while making the use of Chrome Remote Desktop.

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2. Join.me:


Join.me is one of the best alternatives for Teamviewer that is making a huge buzz in the market since its arrival. The striking factor about Join.me is that it does not require any prior registration and an ample of features are available like remote controlling/ screen sharing and file exchange. All of this can be done by just using the services of Join.me. This software has been developed by the makers of LogMeIn as well.

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3. Remote Desktop Connection:

Remote Desktop Connection lets you get through the desktop of your computer. The remote access that it provides is of high quality. With the help of Remote Desktop Connection, you can connect your computer in the office with that of home and get an access to the apps that are downloaded in your home PC. The file sharing and network resources are also well managed in Remote Desktop Connection. This is certainly one of the best alternatives for Teamviewer in the market.

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4. LogMeIn:

LogMeIn does not need any prior introduction as everyone is aware about the credibility of this software in the market. It enables you to connect up to 10 PC’s or MAC’s on one go. It uses just one internet connection for the same which remains to be its USP (Unique selling proposition). The setup of the software does not require a long time and it can be set in less than 2 minutes. The incredible part about the software is that it is available absolutely free of cost. It is just wonderful for deeds like file transfer, sound and printing. It enables the user to print documents as well while connecting to the remote computer. You can share and send files to the recipients with the help of LogMeIn without any hassles.

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5. UltraVNC:

UltraVNC allows the user to view the data on the screen of the partner/friend’s screen just like Teamviewer. This can be achieved with the help of an internet connection and not a lot of requirements are mandatory when it comes to the setup of UltraVNC. You can use the mouse and the keyboard of the other person while being far away from the device and it remains to be one of its best features. It is one of the best alternatives for Teamviewer.
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