5 Most Important Components Of Nutrition For Athletes

Proper nutrition is the key to a man’s success physically and financially. Some people workout everyday but they cannot see the desired results; this is due to the lack of focus and ignorance of proper nutrition needed by their body. The more you workout, the more a body demands the right amount of nutrition in order to equal the hard work that you commit in the gym. If this balance does not exist in the regime of an athlete, their bodies can degrade with the click of a fingertip.

Here are the 5 most important components of nutrition for athletes:

1. The workout and morning nutrition:

You have to eat the breakfast 30 minutes within the wake up time. Breakfast is an important component of nutrition when it comes to fuelling the body with optimum energy. It also boosts the metabolism of the aspirant. The important thing to notice here is that while you are sleeping, you are also simultaneously burning out the calories in your body so it is important not to skip out the breakfast.

In order to receive the required protein and healthy components of food, you need to begin your day with as many as three eggs along with whole meal bread or butter along with two slices of bacon or turkey sausage depending on your preference. This shall be accompanied with a glass of orange juice, water and a piece of fruit.  This makes your morning full of energy.

Pre-work out nutrition:

It is very important for the athletes to munch something 30-60 minutes before their workout regime. The importance of pre-workout nutrition stems from the fact that your body needs energy to get you going with the exercises. However, you should be careful about the foods that you are allergic with.

Nutrition, 30 minutes after the workout:

The muscles are usually torn up while doing the exercises and hence you require a proper food to get all the energy in order. The time lapse between the exercises and the food time shall not exceed more than 30 minutes.

Eating food right after your workout has many advantages to it. For instance, it enhances your glycogen storage and aides in the making of protein inside the body. Proper carbohydrates are being provided for the amino acids to make the muscle protein inside the body. The protein is also evaded with the help of food after the workout.

The main reason for the post workout meal is to ensure that your body is prepared for the next round of physical activities. Protein is not the only nutrient that you should supply the body with. Carbohydrates are as important as protein for the right working of the athlete body.  Fruits, vegetables, chicken and protein drinks can also make an important contribution to the post workout meal.

2. Stuff yourself every 2-3 hours:

It is advised by the experts that eating at regular intervals is very important for the digestion within the body. However, the consumer must make sure that the meals are not big. The calories in the body are burnt throughout the day and hence your body needs to be supplied with all those lost calories.

The feeling of fullness that you get after eating small meals over regular intervals is important to get you going throughout the day without feeling fatigue. It also manages the cholesterol levels of the body.

3. Drink as much fluids as you can:

Feeding your body with fluids is very important. Losing water from your body can cause serious concerns including headache, cramping and water retention. This is a serious cause and can also hamper your mental strength. Hence, it shall be avoided by the athletes and they should consume more and more fluids to keep the body in order.

Here is the chart that will give you an idea of how important water is, in order to function the body. All the major body parts are mentioned in the chart.

Drink as much fluids as you can

4. Intake as many fruits as you can:

The athletes need to load up on fruits as they ensure the strength of the body as well as balance the muscle mass. Fruits contain more amounts of fiber than the other foods you can think of. Fiber is an important component that aides in the digestion process. Vitamins and minerals present in fruits and veggies are incomparable and help in controlling the sugar level in your body too.

5. Have a proper sleep:

A sleep of 8 hours is a must for an athlete. The toxins from the brain are released with sleep and the risk factor of obesity and diabetes is reduced. The thyroid levels are also boosted with the help of sleep. A proper sleep of 8 hours is a must for every person who strives to lead a healthy life. Especially the athletes must consider a healthy sleep in order to boost their muscle mass and keep the body in order.

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