5 Most Healthy Breakfast Foods

Healthy food is certainly the key to healthy living. Breakfast is the beginner diet of the day and therefore, it has to be wisely selected before consumption. Many people do not take the breakfast diet seriously and skip on to the lunch before going through the intermediate stage of breakfast. A healthy and timely breakfast is very important for the person to keep going active the entire day. A good breakfast determines the day cycle of the person; hence a special attention needs to be paid towards the selection of breakfast foods. A healthy breakfast boosts the immune system, provides the sufficient energy to the body before leaving for work, or any other schedule. Here are 5 of the most healthy breakfast foods that exist:

1. Porridge with semi-skimmed milk and some dried fruits:

Oats are one of the richest sources of fiber and they definitely help cut off the extra amount of cholesterol that flows in the blood. Oats are foods that release energy on a slower rate, hence making the person full for more time than usual. A handful of dried fruits are necessary for a healthy person in the breakfast diet. All this must be accompanied with semi-skimmed milk. This provides the required amount of energy and nutrients to the human body.

2. Fresh fruits, Muesli and yogurt:

Muesli is considered to be one of the healthiest breakfasts in every aspect. Muesli must be eaten with yogurt. While eating yogurt, the person must make sure that it’s the low fat yogurt that he is consuming. It provides an excessive amount of calcium and protein to the body and very healthy to start the day with.

3. Wholegrain cereal accompanied with semi-skimmed milk:

Semi-skimmed milk is the preference for most of the nutritionists in their diet chart. This milk should be gulped with cereals, which are a useful source of fiber. Cereals also release energy from the body at a slower rate, hence the person feels fuller for a long time. A cereal breakfast is very healthy in many ways than not. Moreover, it provides the essential vitamins and minerals to the human body.

4. Boiled eggs along with whole meal bread:

Eggs cannot be ignored from being called one of the best sources of protein. Consuming eggs in the morning keeps you healthy the entire day. Apart from rendering protein, eggs also provide other nutrients to the body, such as Vitamin A and D. Such boiled eggs must be eaten with Whole meal bread. Such bread consists of Vitamin B, Vitamin E, fiber and a lot of other minerals. This is the reason why white bread must be avoided and whole meal brown bread must be consumed in the breakfast.

5. Mushrooms and tomatoes on a whole meal bagel:

Bagel is stereotyped to be unhealthy. However if a whole meal bagel is accompanied with some fresh vegetables, it can prove to be very healthy for a morning breakfast. The whole grain bagels are rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin E, fiber and other minerals.  It should be topped with mushrooms, tomatoes and other green vegetables if available. Such a breakfast is considered to be super healthy and adding to the health aspects, this food is very tasty too. Therefore, majority of people go for this healthy breakfast, instead of other breakfast options.

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