5 little Chocolates to dig into anytime anywhere

Chocolates; this word means heaven to kids, panic for parents, valentine special for couples, guilty pleasure for dentists and sweet joy for the rest of us. Chocolates are eaten worldwide by almost everyone, whether man/woman, kids/parents, adults/youngsters, students/teachers and so on. It’s the most sought after food by kids, the most sought after flavor in ice creams, cakes, milk shakes, puddings and almost everything else. And the best part is that chocolate is so versatile, it can be easily mixed with any of the mention items and as such is a main ingredient in many lucrative edibles across the world.


Rare are those who despise chocolates; rest of us are chocolate lovers. So many companies across the world manufacture so many varieties of chocolates that it seems there are endless options to choose from. We have milk chocolate, dark chocolate, fruit and nuts mixed in chocolate, wafer chocolates, peanuts with chocolate coating, coconut chocolates, and caramel filled chocolates and so on. 

 little Chocolates

Let’s take a look at the everyday chocolates you can come across in almost every shopping mart or store which are not really expensive but are enough to tingle your buds with their rich taste and leave you craving for more.

Ferrero Rocher:

Made by Italian chocolatier Ferrero, Ferrero Rocher is one of the best chocolates you can ever treat your taste buds to. The original or the classic Ferrero consists of roasted hazelnut encased in a wafer and covered with hazelnuts and milk chocolate. There are lots of Ferrero varieties including lemon, coconut, pistachio, fruits, almonds, etc.

Ferrero Rocher


This chocolate just oozes class right from its cover to its rich chocolate center. And the class is just not hollow; Patchi is a luxury chocolate. True, it’s a nit hard to come across in general stores, but when you do find it, everything would be worth it. The Patchi Chocolate Menu contains over 50 varieties of chocolates. Patchi chocolates are famous for their delicious combination of dried fruits (like strawberry and orange) with their rich chocolate.



Owned by Kraft Foods, Toblerone has the cutest and most enticing shape ever; prism shape! It is a milk chocolate which houses crushed nougats and almonds and honey. It has many varieties like Fruit and Nut, Honeycomb crisp, Crunchy Almond, dark chocolate, etc. With its unique shape, not only does it stand out physically, but also tastes delicious.



These don’t classify as chocolate completely, but still they are one of the tastiest chocolate entities to enter one’s mouth. These are basically toffees, or candies with a variety of fillings, including milk chocolate, nuts, caramel, dark chocolate, crisped rice, mint, peanuts and almonds, orange chocolate, coconut, pretzel, cherry, cinnamon, raspberry,  peanut butter and many others. Even the mascots of M&M’s are so popular. And the fact that you can buy a packet and keep popping a couple of the round candies in your mouth every now and then just gives an added advantage to it.



Another extremely popular brand, Cadbury has chocolate for all chocolate lovers ranging from candies to bars to gift packs to luxury bars. Cadbury even makes other chocolate items like chocolate drink, chocolate powder and wafers. Some of the popular Cadbury chocolates include Bourneville, Dairy milk Silk, Éclairs with variety of flavors like fruits, nuts, orange peel and so on.


Chocolate lovers would truly love to get their hands on one of these chocolates as soon as they can. Even we are off to munch off on a few of these choicest chocolates ever. No matter what your mood is, you are sure to enjoy a bite of any of these sweet desserts.

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