5 Games That Can Turn The Storm In Favor Of Xbox One In 2014

Xbox has always stayed in a healthy competition with the other consoles in the market but it has stayed notches higher than the other when it comes to the entertainment clogged in them. PlayStation has launched its array of five games that could turn the tables round but Xbox One is no longer lagging behind and it has also announced 5 anticipated games that could take the legacy of the console to bigger elevations. All the Xbox games that have been announced come from reputed developers and thus there is a huge buzz associated with them in the industry.

The games that we are talking about are interestingly first or third person shooters, which make them even more intriguing. On the other hand, the PS4 games only have one standard shooter in the form of “The Order: 1886”. There will be an ample of other games that will make it into the list and there is huge anxiety related to them. They are still un-announced but the speculators have given the hint about their launch very soon.

Of you have already made up your mind and following the PS4 games, try to ponder over and have a second thought, because Xbox One is coming with these surprise games and they will not run behind any other game in the market. People are speculating about the best console in this season but they should first know about these anticipated games of Xbox One and then make a call.

5 Games That Can Turn The Storm In Favor Of Xbox One In 2014

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Xbox One is the announcement of Titanfall in its console. It is one of the most awaited games of the season and the agreement of Xbox One with it can prove to be a mutual symbiosis between Microsoft and the developers of Titanfall. This deal is called to be a big gamble played by Microsoft but we hope that this gamble will pay off dividends soon. The deal has been struck with the developers of Titanfall that it will be launched exclusively with Xbox One. It has increased the anxiety for Xbox One among the fans.


Respawn entertainment is a big name in the gaming industry now and they are the developers of Titanfall. It is due to the efforts of this brand that Call of Duty has become one of the biggest names in the industry. The fast paced action of Titanfall will bring people to drop their jaws over it.

Titanfall was being played a few lucky gamers and they had a great experience while doing so. This was done as a part of the alpha test. According to the verdict of the gamers, it lives to the expectations and we will see its availability on 11 March on Xbox One.


Project Spark is one of the upcoming sensations in the gaming sector. It is better than Minecraft in so many ways. It supports customization which is a heavily demanded feature in the market. The players can easily manipulate the objects in the game and they can perform individual actions and logics bind them together. It is a thrill ride playing this game.  It has been developed by the Team Dakota and a lot has been talked about it already. Giving the players an opportunity to customize is something unbelievable and the company is proud to have done that.


With the ability to customize the game, the players are making creative stories and doing great work for making the game even more enjoyable. The dialogues, scenes and also battles can be customized according to the need of the hour. The videos that have been featured on the fan page of Project Shark’s YouTube community confirm the statement. It has been tested via Beta on Windows 8 and also Xbox One. Players have already created a lot of maps and creatures in the game and it has been a long time that the game is tested. The full version of this game will be available anytime this year 2014.


Sunset Overdrive is another game that is making rounds in the media for being super popular. It has slick looks and the USP of the game lies in its developer’s credibility. It has been developed by Insomniac, which is the name responsible for producing one of the best games on PS so far. It has also created some characters that have become epic like Spyro the dragon, Ratchet and Pal Clank. Insomniac is ready with its whole new range of characters but this time it’s not for PS4.


Not a lot has been published about the game Sunset Overdrive yet but rumors have already leaked and they suggest the game to be optimum thrill and entertainment. Another info that has been leaked about this game is that it will be equipped with third person shooter set out in an open world with mutants. The players will be having an opportunity to leave the mutants on their way while running, jumping or performing any stunt. The player base will be often matched with the game play of Sunset Overdrive by updating its features. This news was confirmed by Insomniac recently. The developers have not yet revealed the date of its release but there are speculations that it will be out with Xbox One anytime later this year.


Remedy Entertainment is one of the best studios and widely regarded in the gaming industry. It has developed entertaining franchises over the time. Quantum break is one of them. It was not so much anticipated upon its launch but when its first look was revealed, people held their head in surprise.  Remedy Entertainment has been taking people by surprise for a long time now and it is nothing new to the gamer clan. Quantum Break is available in the third person shooter mechanics. The players are also given the opportunity to manipulate with the game play and other features of the game according to their interest and demand.


The credibility of the game can be adjudged by the fact that the developers are launching a TV series dedicated to it. Quantum Break series episodes will span for about 30 minutes and the first season of the episodes will be launched with the game content of Quantum break. The elements of Maxx Payne and Alan Wake have been combined to make Quantum break. Both the mentioned games have rocked the world in the recent past and if Quantum Break achieves even 50 percent of both the two games, it will be the next big thing in the industry. It is expected to launch with Xbox One later this year on an un-announced date.


Halo is another game that is much anticipated in the upcoming season. It will prove to be the USP of Xbox One. Halo continues to break all the record sales in the market. The trilogy has been developed by 343 industries. They have claimed in E3 2013 that it will be one of the best games of the coming season.


A short teaser was shown by 343 in the E3 2013. After watching that short teaser, the anxiety among the fans has excelled even more. 343 also stated in the conference that the trailer that has been released should not be taken as the teaser for Halo 5 but it should be regarded as the trailer of Halo of the new generation. It has been evolved by the developers and a lot is expected from the game. We will have to wait and see what 343 can make out of this new generation Halo.

All the above mentioned games are expected to increase the buzz around Xbox One in the market. Microsoft has invested in Xbox One and the marketing plan seems to be dot perfect but only time will tell.

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