5 Friendliest Dog Breeds To Own

Dogs can prove to be the best friend of a man provided they follow all the rules of being a loyal and friendly pet. The dogs are usually alleged of barking too much on strangers and it evades the friends to come to the house of their fear. Dogs are violent species but it does not apply to all the breeds. Some breeds of dogs are as friendly as human beings. You would never feel threatened by them or any of your friends.

Dogs can actually prove to be pleasant animals but it majorly depends on their breed. Some of them are so fond of their owners that they are almost inseparable from them. Let us find out about such breeds that are considered to be the friendliest to their owners and their friends.

Here are the 5 friendliest dog breeds to own:

1. Labrador Retriever:

Labrador Retriever

This breed is usually utilized by the fisherman to help pulling the net and catch the fish that escape from the fishing nets. Labrador retriever does great justice to its name. They have a very patient approach towards things and they don’t lose their temper at ease. This is what makes them the most tolerable specie in the pet world. They can do other activities outside hunting and that is the reason why they can be really easy to gel with.  The trainability of this breed is very easy and does not require special efforts. They love to please their owners and make great friends to the mutual companions too. They are usually employed for search operations due to their approach.

2. Irish Setter:

Irish Setter

As the name of the breed suggests, this breed of dogs help their owners to do bird hunting. They make it possible by running very close to the birds and setting up the perfect catch for hunters. They are very popular all around Ireland and other cold places.   They have been considered one of the preferred dog breeds since the 18th century. Apart from hunting, these dogs have great personalities and can mock themselves in a perfect manner. They are full of energy and sometimes require daily exercise and fitness regime.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The main purpose of this breed is basically to accompany their owners wherever they go. They can prove to be a pleasant company. These dogs are so pretty that their images are generally used for paintings and other memories. They are very sociable with children, thanks to their caring and gentle attitude to the kids.

4. Poodle:


This breed is very smart and active and undergo the training very obediently. Hence, it is very easy to train them according to your own need and requirements. They are very outgoing and possess a very friendly nature. They are usually available in as many as three sizes and the owners can choose from the three. They are tough enough to sustain in any environmental condition they are put into. They are also used as retrievers and for hunting purposes.

5. Pembroke Welsh Corgi:

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This breed is very popular by the name housedogs since they have a very hospitable behavior towards humans and never tend to hurt anyone or bark without a particular purpose. They love to be with families and are very nice to them.

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