5 Easy Tricks To Make Your iPhone Run faster

Apple’s iPhone is extremely popular among the users because of one major reason that it offers a great user experience that no other OS or device in the market offers. The smoothness in the experience of Apple iPhone is phenomenal and does not require any words of wisdom to certify its credibility. Mobile phones are always prone to some tricks that improve their overall performance.

The new IOS 7.1 software launched by Apple is expected to give a very smooth user experience to the people. It will also boast some visual changes and a lot of new features will be equipped in it. Even though it will be a complete package in itself, there are some loopholes that can be worked out and the performance of the phone can be increased.

5 Easy Tricks To Make Your iPhone Run faster

In the recent post of Huffington, it has out forward five simple tips and tricks that the apple device owners can imply in order to boost the performance of their device. These tricks are most influential on devices such as iPads and iPhones.

Here are the 5 easy tricks to make your iPhone run faster:

1. Delete the crap that you don’t require:

Usually people are too complacent to delete the unnecessary files present in their device. This is the major reason why their phone does not deliver the expected performance. They must check the files that they don’t need and put them in trash before they hamper the performance of the device. In order to monitor the usage of your device, kindly switch on to settings and select the general mode, follow it with scrolling down and clicking on the Usage option. It may take some time to load but eventually you’ll be able to spot the apps that consume the most space in your phone. This is the high time to delete these apps.

2. Do not forget to delete the browser’s cache:

It is very important for the user to treat the device like his own computer and delete the browser’s cache. Removing the cache includes the deletion of browser’s history, cookies and the other data that influences the performance of the device. In order to affect this, you can go to the Safari Browser and check Clear history tab where you can click on “Clear Cookies and Data”.

3. Remove the unnecessary old messages:

People often find it too much of an effort to delete the old messages. However, these messages can hamper the memory and have an impact on the performance of the device. The old conversations that is not useful for the user must be deleted right away. You can use the “Delete All” option to make the process faster. In case the messages are not in abundance, you can simple delete one message after the other, however it can consume a lot of time.

4. Auto Updates option must be turned off:

In the new smartphones, there is always an option of updating the apps automatically. The user must make sure that the option is turned off. Usually the apps update themselves automatically and this consumes not only space but also a lot of data. Hence, if you need to update an app, prefer to do it manually rather than keeping the auto update option turned on.

5. Switch off the GPS:

The most important interruption in the phone’s performance is the state of the GPS. If the location is active, it consumes most of the battery and it also hampers the privacy of the person. In order to set up the settings, you can go to privacy and select location services. Try to turn the GPS off from there. Maps usually need your actual location in order to tell you other locations but apps like facebook do not require your initial location to serve the purpose. Hence, turning the GPS off would not make a big difference.

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