5 Easy & Best Games To Play With Your Dog

Dogs can prove to be pleasant companions for the owners. They ooze simplicity and innocence and hence it is the responsibility of the owners to entertain them while playing games together.  The more a dog is involved with activities; the better is the happiness index for the pet. Therefore, the owner has to come up with some games that dogs like to be a part of. It is fun not only for the pet but the owner can also get involved in the game and leave behind all the stress from the day.

Here are the 5 easy and best games to play with your dog:

1. Use Bubbles:

Dog playing with bubbles

Bubbles is one of the most favorite games among children and you would not be surprised to know that dogs love it as well. It rolls on a very basic concept of preying on other smaller animals. “Use Bubbles” infuses an adrenaline rush in the dogs and they automatically get involved with its gameplay. You need to make sure that the bubbles are non toxic and do not harm the health of your pet. Use Bubbles is simply one of the easiest and best games to play with your pet dog.

2. Vary the Fetch:

Fetch Sticks to dogs

You can find a stick anywhere around the street and it is the cheapest toy that you can find at your disposal. Giving dogs the lure of fetching sticks, works with them very well. You can also vary the game by playing inside of the house with the help of soft toy animals. You have to make sure that the game is not becoming stream-lined and you can change the approach time after time. Vary the fetch is definitely one of the easiest and the best games that you can play with your dog.

3. Frisbee:

Frisbee with fogs

The best part about Frisbee is that it is not a regular ball fetching game and has more dimensions to it. You can throw the catch in the air and the dog can try to catch it mid air. Frisbee is a fun game to play with dogs and your pet also enjoys it a lot. The Frisbee type depends on the choice of the owner but the most common method is to throw soft flyers as they are easy to grip and do not cause any harm to your dog.

4. Playing with water:

Water games for dogs

Dogs like the pursuit of water and it is an entertaining games to play outdoors. The water friendly dog breeds enjoy this game more than any other traditional game. The dogs are more than happy to participate in the game and at the same time, it also makes sure that the water sprinklers keep the dog cooler in summer months. You can also throw the soft floatable toys with the water and let the dogs chase. Playing with water can elevate the mood of the dog and it is fun to watch for the owner too.

5. Dog Soccer:

Dog playing football

Fetch ball soccer game can give the dogs a hint of soccer and they love playing it too. You would be surprised with the skills of your pet through this game. You can simply kick the ball and the dog chases it with interest. It is one of the easiest and best games to play with your pet dog.

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