When you imagine a dog breed, you usually come across the visuals of fluffy white dogs that are full of life and sometimes they can scare the trespassers too. However, dog breed is a varied subject and we can come across various varieties of dogs in the market. They are diverse and some are inspired by the cold season too. This breed is basically strong enough to face the snow and harsh cold weather conditions.

We have picked out five of the breeds that are usually known as the dog breeds made for snow. Their legacy remains in the chilly mountains and their ancestors have been making themselves tough to face the horrid weather conditions in the winters. Some of them belong to the cold conditions of China while the others belong to the wilds of Alaska.

Here are the top 5 dog breeds made for snow:

1. Samoyed:


This dog breed possesses a white fur and a nice grin of the face. The dog breed Samoyed is custom made for the winter weather. It is often said by the experts that Samoyed breed were living with the tribes in the North in harsh winter conditions. They can easily survive the snow and have a very thick body in order to be resistant to cold. They are one of the only dog breeds that can handle crazy cold weather conditions. When people go for arctic or Antarctic expeditions, this dog breed often accompanies them in achieving their goal.

2. Siberian Husky:

Siberian Husky

The name of this breed itself suggests cold since it is called Siberian Husky. They were basically used as sled dogs by the Chuckchi people of Northeastern Asia. They are a very popular breed in the US. They were widely used by people to race across the Alaska wilderness in order to supply the serum to Nome in the year 1925. They were treated as heroes for the people in those times.

3. Bernese Mountain Dog:

Bernese Mountain Dog

As the name suggests, this breed is often found in the mountains of Bern, Switzerland located in the Alps. They used to help the farmers comprehensively by pulling carts and taking the livestock to the market. They are a strong bunch of animals and can also serve as the watchdogs. It is said that these dogs arrived Switzerland with the Roman armies 2000 years back.

4. Alaskan Malamute:

Alaskan Malamute

The name of this dog breed is derived from the name of Mahlemut tribe that was found in the wilderness of Alaska. They were meant to pull the sleds and take livestock from one place to another in the conditions of cold. They are one of the biggest breeds of dogs found in Alaska. They participate in some winter games too and race with swagger as they are the best in business.


5. Saint Bernard:

Saint Bernard

It is better to have Saint Bernard dog by your side while you are going for an expedition in the snow capped mountains and places like Alaska. The monks of Hospice du Grand St Bernard used this breed of dogs in the 1700’s in order to relocate people from one place to another and help travelers who were stuck in Alps. This dog breed is resistant to snow and they are very strong when it comes to harsh cold conditions.

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