5 Countries Still Living In The Dark Ages

In the 21st century, most of us pride in being the best, whether it is in technology, fashion or lifestyle. We believe the horrors of the past are behind us & we are living in a more social & rational society. Countries are working hard to rank better in the OECD, GDP or PPI index. Therefore it comes as a surprise that there are still countries where living conditions are bordering on catastrophe, where development in non-existent, where civilians are just tools or slaves, where wars are the common cry in the streets, where people would die to get a day of peace with just one meal. Whether the countries lack in OECD or GDP isn’t important; most of these countries are in such despicable conditions because of hitler-ish leader, war crazed residents or neighbors & disregard of the world for them.

For now, let us just take a look at these countries where you wouldn’t want to end up living accidentally.

5. Pakistan:

Thanks to some terrorists deciding to make Pakistan their home (& base of operation), & because of the almost dictatorial rule of the government, Pakistan suffers endlessly in the hands of these two. There are constant bombings with the two factions trying to get at each other with little regard for its people. It is the sixth most populous country in the world but is only having 36th largest area in the world; it’s safe to say it is over-populated.  Pakistan’s post-independence history has been full of military rule, political instability and conflicts with India. The country faces daunting challenges including overpopulation, terrorism, poverty, illiteracy and corruption. The on & off wars and social instability caused serious deficiencies in basic services such as railway transportation and electric power generation (as of 2013). Male literacy is 70.2% while female literacy rate is 46.3% (in rural regions it is just 3%). Such appalling literacy rates might be the reason why the economy is in ruins & why there is so much political & social unrest. Pakistan needs to start educating its civilians, beginning with the females; females are rational & not-so-quick-to-war, their cooperation is a must for any country trying to develop itself. The terrorists trying to blow up schools should be dealt with harshly instead of debating on the right or wrong of their actions.


4. Syria:

Before 2012, Syria was just a normal developing nation with beautiful places & people. As of 2012, because of the ongoing Syrian civil war, Syria is now a war torn zone in thorns & tatters. Syria has taken a serious hit with its overall exports falling by two thirds & GDP declining more than 25% till now. Even oil and tourism industries have been devastated majorly. There has been an 80% loss in tourism & after the ban on oil import from Syria, their economy has taken an even bigger hit. Couple this with the reconstruction cost of around $10 billion USD, Syria is facing a bleak future unless the situation is handled tactfully. And the added threat of strike by USA doesn’t help this situation again. We don’t need to add another country to the list of war victims by USA; the civil strife in more than enough.


3. Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe used to be an average country before the crazy politics took over & destroyed everything including healthcare, education & human lives. From acquisition of farms, to elections tampering, the current government has left no stone unturned in its quest to become an extreme dictator. Robert Mugabe is hated not only by his people but across the world too. Zimbabwe still holds a chance to regain its economy but all that is in the hands of the government; a complete government overhaul is required, till then Zimbabwe will remain in the clutches or misery. Since 2009, Zimbabwean Dollar (Currency of Zimbabwe) is no longer in use because of the high inflation rates; trillion dollars ZWD were in print and 1USD was worth over 40 million ZWD.


2. Somalia:

The whole country is a mess, literally. After the collapse of the barely functional government, total anarchy has become the way of the day. Somalia has been turned into a battle zone between warlords, pirates, kidnappers, bomb makers, fanatics, gunmen, and angry civilians. There’s no place in the country where you can find fortitude or safety; no proper medical institution either. It has virtually no economy other than a black market and drug based economy. There are constant pirate attacks on passing international vessels. There is malaria & AIDS & other endemics, and the average life span is under 50. Somalia doesn’t look like a country anymore, just a lawless war torn regime where people suffer endlessly. The half boiled meddling by USA made the situation in the country even worse. Deaths have become so common that survivors seem like miraculous magicians.


1. North Korea:

Lo & behold, here comes the most expectant name on the list. The country, which does not suffer due to resources or war, but the country, which suffers due to its leader. The government in N Korea follows the Juche ideology of self-reliance, initiated by the country’s first President, Kim Il-sung. Because the country follows Songun, or “military-first” policy, it has the 4th largest military in the world. North Korea is the world’s most militarized country, with an astounding figure of 9,495,000 active, reserve, and paramilitary personnel. It comes as no surprise that it is a nuclear-weapons state. Basic services like healthcare, education, housing and food production are state governed. Many hospitals lack even basic medicine, equipment, running water, and electricity, which easily rival the conditions of the poorest African countries. According to Wikipedia, even food output is one of the lowest worldwide, with the UN estimating 16 million people requiring food aid. The totalitarian & Stalinist dictatorship on the Kim family has thrown the fate of entire country in chaos. Concentration camps, guilt by association, cruel law enforcement are all reminiscent of Hitler’s rule, sans the fact that Hitler didn’t carry it out on all his people. How one person can inflict such cruelty on his people just to gain power is beyond the apprehension of common man. All those who happen to eve n accidentally utter something against the government are instantly executed. The only hope for N Koreans is some natural disaster that happens to take away the dictators for good.

North Korea

There are many other countries like Afghanistan (terrorism & daily blood baths), Sudan (economic & political unrest), India (falling currency rate & natural disasters), Australia (racism), Myanmar or Burma (totalitarian rule), China (restricted freedom) and so on which are having some problems. Take India for example; other than the currency problem, there’s nothing serious stopping someone from visiting it. The government is stable, there’s little political unrest, rights & freedom for the citizens is guaranteed & health & education facilities are available for the public. Afghanistan, though, would be dangerous to visit because of the daily killings. Australia is a pretty place with high living standards, Australia’s racism is slowly dying out with the older generations because the younger generations are so much more accepting of people of different nationalities.

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