5 Cat Breeds To Own That Love Dogs

Cats and dogs are known to be estranged couple who always find a reason to lock horns and fight. It is a rarity that you would find out cat and a dog living in the same house. However, there are some dog owners who long for owning  a cat too. In such situations, it is very important for the owners to go for the cats that are hospitable to the dogs. The social nature of the cats depend on the breed that they belong to. Some cat breeds are more friendly than the other breeds. When we asked Dr. Jeff Werber  for sharing his opinion about the cat breeds that get along well with the cats, he shared the list which is noted down under.

1. Burmese:


Burmese breed of cats are known for their similarities with the dogs and hence, they gel well with the dog counterparts at home. This breed love to follow the people in home and are playful. Giving and taking affection are one of its best attributes. Burmese cats do not have any problems with the dogs and can live together with them without any hassles.

2. Siamese:

 burmese cat

Siamese breed of cats is very slim and sleek. They have beautiful blue eyes with bigger ears. They are usually found in four different colors namely: seal, chocolate, blue and lilac point. Siamese breed are very social and outgoing. They rely on their human counterparts and are chatterboxes. They are affectionate to the other animals too and can make friends with dogs easily. Siamese breed are so social that they get sad without staying in the company of some animal or their owners.

3. American Ragdoll:

American Ragdoll Cat

This breed is well mannered and their temperament is incredible. They can be easily trained and are extremely playful. They look like a doll the moment you pick them up. They are beautiful with blue eyes, semi long coat and weigh heavier than the other breeds. They are known to be friendly to children and also the other pets that reside in the house. Hence, taking an American Ragdoll in the house, the owner does not have to worry about it fighting it out with the other dog pet.

4. British Shorthair:

British Shorthair Cat

This breed is characterized with round face, broad chest and tiny legs. They are usually a very reserved specie and do not engage in conversation with their owners or the other pets. In the beginning, they are very hesitating but with time , the things improve and once they warm up with people, they become best friends in no time. Their nature brings them closer to the humans and they also have a tendency to be hospitable to children as well as the other pets in the house, especially the dogs.

5. Norwegian Forest Cat:

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat is known to be explorers and they like to check out each and every corner of the house. They are well aware of all the places in the house and make it their castle apparently. Staying in cupboards, bookcases and similar places is their favorite past-time. They possess an athletic body and are very friendly to their surroundings and the other living creatures. They love to receive affection and make a special bond with dogs in the house.

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