5 Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Resorts Around The World

Nowadays there’s no such thing as the ‘typical honeymoon location’. Newly-weds are just eager to hop on to a flight and head off to different location to enjoy those memorable private and intimate moments with each other. But obviously, we will find couples who are budget-conscious while planning their lovey-dovey honeymoon destination.

Cheap honeymoons do not have to be tacky. Honeymooners come in all stripes. As it is most probably your first visit as a married couple around, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your ideal honeymoon resort should come with heart-shaped beds and a secluded hush-hush location in some tropical beach. We are here with a brochure to guide these newly-weds to a suitable luxurious and budget-friendly honeymoon resort of their preference.

1. Paradise Island Harbor Resort, Bahamas

Plan an unforgettable getaway to the beaches of Paradise Island. With its waterfront location, the Paradise Island Harbor Resort provides a soothing island experience. The presence of wide array of amenities provides a caressing touch to the Island. Located on the south shore, this family-friendly Paradise Island resort overlooks Nassau Harbor and is close to all Nassau and Paradise Island.

The resort offers a private beach on Nassau Harbor, beach volleyball, water hammocks, lounge chairs and a snorkeling lagoon bordered by a 250-foot boardwalk.

Paradise Island Harbor Resort, Bahamas

Plus Point: If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to dive, this is the place to opt for as the resort provides scuba-diving lessons in the pool. What are you waiting for? Take a quick flight and land over here to full-fill your dream fantasy!

The average price starts from $200 per person per night. 

2. Barceló Langosta Beach, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Staying here makes the dwellers experience the best of both worlds: The resort is on a secluded beach surrounded by rainforests and a national park, but at the same time it is at a walk able distance from the popular town of Tamarindo.

Barceló Langosta Beach, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Plus Point: Tipping for the staff is included in the rate, so no need to reach for your wallet every time you order another round.

You need to shell out around $180 per person per night.

3. Goa, India

This exotic city around the western coast of India is blessed with tons of natural beauty. Thanks to the magnificent and attractive beach in Goa along the coastline, this place is generally in the must-visit-list of all couples. If you’re into surfing and other beach activities, then make sure you’re not honeymooning anywhere but Goa. The perfect line to describe Goa is – “The land of Sun, Surf, Sea and Sand”.

Goa, India

Plus Point: Nearby affordable accommodation from the beach!

As the Indian Rupee is not doing pretty well nowadays thanks to inflation and recession, you hardly need to spend $150 per person per night to get a 5-star ‘mansion-room’.

4. Maldives Island, Maldives

This is the most popular and sought-after honeymoon location of all-time. Every single couple would have wanted to come here to spend a lavishing honeymoon, but unfortunately these resorts happen to be a little budget tight. Showered with immense natural beauty and romantic set-up, these resorts are no less than paradise on earth. The peak season to land here starts right from November and extends till mid-April.

Maldives Island, Maldives

Plus Point: With the extra cost comes the extra beautiful experience and extra marvelous service.

You can certainly survive on $350-400 per day per person, provided you are lodged in the 4-star or below hotels.

We know Maldives should not have been included in the ‘budget-friendly’ honeymoon locations, but we just couldn’t stop ourselves from providing you with the information involving a couple having a heavenly experience, guaranteed to be seen nowhere else.

5. Montreal, Quebec

Have you always dreamt of honeymooning in Paris, Rome or Macau? Well, Montreal offers not the same but maybe better deal than the above mentioned cities if budget is being taken into one’s account. Also since French is the mother language here, you will definitely get the Paris feel here. A pleasant stay in Vieux Montreal, or Old Montreal, will ensure you are within walking distance of some of the biggest attractions, like Notre-Dame Basilica, the St. Lawrence riverfront and the Marche Bonsecours market, which was recently renovated and features tons of boutiques, restaurants and bars.

Montreal, Quebec

Plus Point: If you travel from the end of June to the beginning of July, you can catch the world famous Jazz Festival, which has many free concerts as well as affordable-range ones.

Approximately per night stay at a world-class hotel in Old Montreal would sum up to $150 or less.

Undoubtedly the wedding vows have been exchanged, that’s what makes you ponder and check out the Honeymoon location websites and articles. So grab this once in a lifetime opportunity to make the best of it and at the same time be able to spend economically so as to enjoy each other’s company without ending up bankrupt right after honeymooning.

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