5 Biggest Box Office Openings of All Time

Hollywood has produced big blockbusters over the time, but there are some movies that broke all the existing records at the box office. The last few years have witnessed some big hits and it has helped the producers earn a fortune over the opening weekend. We have shortlisted some of the highest grosser on the opening weekend. Here they are:

1. Marvel’s The Avengers (207 million USD):

The Avengers is undoubtedly the most influential movies of the season and it opened very well at the box office in 2012. There was a huge hype associated with the movie upon release and it worked wonders as it earned over 207 million USD on its opening. It broke all the previous records of opening box office collection. It is quite an impressive record set by this movie and it is hard to believe if there will be any movie that will surpass this record. The overall box office collections of “The Avengers” went on to reach 1.5 billion USD in its entire theatrical run.

Marvel’s The Avengers

The DVD sales of the movie also grossed 94 million USD. It was one of the highest earning movies of the year 2012 and rightly so, as it was the most anticipated movie of the year and fans had been eagerly waiting for its release.

2. Iron Man 3 (I74 million USD):

Iron Man 3 is an American Super Hero movie released in the year 2013. It was much hyped movie with heavy expectations from the critics as well as the public. On its opening weekend, Iron Man 3 reached a box office figure of 174 million USD and it remains to be the highest grosser of the year 2013. It is Disney’s production and has been confirmed as the second best movie under Disney banner. The domestic box office collections of Iron Man 3 accounted to 408 million USD and the overseas collections reached whopping 803 million USD.

Iron Man 3

The total collections in the entire theatrical run of Iron Man 3 were calculated to be 1.21 Billion USD, which made it the highest grosser of 2013. Moreover, the DVD sales of this movie are also doing wonders.

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II (169 Million USD):

This is the last installment of the very popular Harry Potter series. Warner Bros was the distributer of this last installment. There was a huge wait for this movie and since it is the last version of the Harry Potter series, there was a huge expectation of critics and movie experts from this film. It opened at a whopping 169 million dollars mark. It is the highest earning Harry Potter movies of all time, thanks to it being the last installment of the series.  The domestic overall collections of this film reached to 381 million USD, whereas the international collections accounted to 947 million USD.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

The movie closed with box office sales of 1.32 billion USD making it one of the highest earning movies of all time. The DVD sales of the film also broke records and made a total of 89 million dollars with its total sales.

4. The Dark Knight Rises (160 million USD):

This was the third version of the Dark Knight Trilogy. Distributed by Warner Bros, this movie opened very well at the box office by earning in excess of 160 million dollars on the opening weekend.  The hype surrounding the film and superb promotions helped the movie to collect good revenues at the box office. The overall collections of the movie were also very good and appealing. It made 448 million USD in the domestic circuit. The domestic collections of this film could not surpass that of its earlier version as the former Dark Knight movie earned 533 million USD in its domestic release.

The Dark Knight Rises

However, this installment made a good business overseas and made 631 million dollars internationally. The total box office collections of “The Dark Knight Rises” were calculated at 1.07 billion USD and the DVD sales earned around 65 million dollars for the film.

5. The Dark Knight (158 million USD):

The second installment of the Dark Knight series broke many records at its release. It was the most anticipated movie of the year 2008 and there were huge expectations from the same. It made 158 million dollars on its opening weekend as compared to the meager 48 million earned by “Batman Begins” at the opening weekend. The amount of money that “Batman Begins” earned in its entire domestic run was equaled by the amount of money that “The Dark Knight” earned just over the weekend.  It went on to make a whopping 533 million dollars at the domestic circuit and 469 million dollars in the overseas run. The total box office business of the movie turned out to be 1 billion USD. It placed Christopher Nolan in the category of most successful directors in Hollywood.

The Dark Knight

The movie had been sold well in the form of DVD’s as well, making revenue of 262 million dollars through the sales of DVD’s. It remains to be the highest earning Warner Bros movie in terms of DVD sales.


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