5 Best Work From Home Based Jobs

Working from home rocks in several ways than not. With the advancement of internet facilities and people preferring to shop, relax and enjoy at the internet, the scope has increased for the home based jobs. They not only save a person’s time that he could have otherwise invested in visiting office, but also pay a lot in return. The gas money, the additional hours spent in travelling to office can be saved comprehensively working from home. It is important for the work life balance theory too, where the person gets to spend most of the time with his family. Here are some of the jobs that a person can take up in this era to work from home and earn decent money:

1. Web Designer :

A web designer job is mostly a freelancing job. With the urge of maintaining a website for each business, there is a huge demand for such web developers. These web designers can get the work from websites such as freelancer.com and the other popular portals. It is a highly competitive job and a good reference can land you substantial work. Once established I the market, the person can earn hefty amount of money in a short span of time. The work can also become continuous if the services provided by the web designer are of optimum quality. A web designer is responsible for creating the web pages for the website he intends to work for. It is a highly trending job and therefore there is a good degree of competition existing in the market. Work can be taken up by working as a freelancer or forming a company that deals in web development.

Web Designer

2. Freelance content writer :

The major work while developing a website for business is to jot down a good content. This job is taken up by the content writers. Such writers are responsible for the content that is displayed on the website to be developed. Hence, this job is of high demand in the market. It is a new field of work that has emerged into the scene. Getting a content writing project is not as easy as it might seem. The writer needs to be fluent in English and apart from language skills, the writing skills play a major role here. The content should be aptly structured. Therefore, a substantial amount of experience in journalism or other background is preferred in this job. The clients are mostly from the US and the pay checks are good.

Freelance content writer

3. Call center specialist :

Call centers are stereotyped to be keeping you on roll in the company for long hours. However, this type-casted scenario has changed completely in the modern era. Working with call centers, you are allowed these days to choose your own schedule and take calls accordingly. This has become one of the added advantages of working with call centers. However, once the time slot is chosen by the person, he has to abide by the timings as it is important to take the calls in that time scale. Call center specialist is usually paid good amount of money. Hence, it’s a job that is trending in the market since it requires no physical attendance in the office but the person can easily work from home.

Call center specialist

4. Tour planner :

A tour planner is an experienced traveler who manages tours for the intending voyagers. A tour planner can approach the clients through internet and therefore, he does not need to open an office or hire employees for the same. He can propose his tour on the travel forums and if someone likes it or takes interest in the tour, they can apply for the same. Such tour planners earn on the basis of their expertise in the market rather than working hard. They are smart workers and the dimensions of money earning are huge. A tour planner is one of the most likeable jobs present in the market currently and many people are craving for them.

Tour planner

5. Export Purchase Manager:

Purchase Managers are the people who consult the import houses abroad about the quality and repute of a local product. Such purchase managers can officially be a part of the company that they are working for. They are important for the import firm since they know the local market characteristics and are well aware of the product quality. By hiring such purchase managers, the company reduces the load of finding suppliers for the products they need. Another step is reduced which requires the quality check of the product that is required by the company. Hence, being a purchase manager is one of the most reputed jobs that allow the person to work on internet and from home.


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