5 Best Ways to Lose Face Fat and Double Chin Quickly

Double Chin has always been an issue for most of the people who claim to be fat. Face is the first noticeable part of the body and hence, a double chin leaves a very bad first impression on the spectator. It is very important to eliminate the extra fat that is deposited on the face and in order to do this; the person has to follow some steps. Here is one of the best ways to lose face fat and double chin in a quick manner:

1. Drink ample of water:

Apart from keeping the body hydrated, water also keeps the toxin levels in control as they flush out all the toxins present in the body. This in turn can make the person feel happy and relaxed. When you cut down on water, the face can necessarily look bulgy, therefore water should not be avoided and sufficient amount of water should be ingested by the person every day.  A normal person should check that he drinks at least 64 ounces of water every day and moreover, drinking water it can also remove the appetite for food and hence, there is no hunger left. This is in turn a good sign for the removal of fat from face.

2. Remove the intake of Fat:

The fat consumption should be comprehensively cut down in order to keep the face fat in control. In order to check the fat intake, the person should avoid junk food and eating outside, instead the meals should be home cooked.  Small decisions such as cutting down the dessert course can prove to be very beneficial in cutting down the face fat. The food should be eaten at least 2 hours before going to sleep as it helps the digestion pattern. The salt intake should also be controlled as too much salt can result in the deposition of fat around face.

3. Don’t avoid your breakfast:

Breakfast is an important start to the day. It should not be skipped for lunch as it improves the metabolism. The more the metabolism, more is the capacity of body to burn calories through the entire day. Hence, it is very important to intake breakfast in the morning before going on to lunch. As a breakfast, while grains and fruits can be selected as they are low in fat and provide sufficient amount of energy too.

4. Perform facial exercises:

Performing facial exercises is very important while overcoming the facial fat and double chin. They not only help you to burn the face fat, but also help you tone the shape of the face. A smiling exercise is very important for the cheeks. For this exercise, the person has to clench the teeth for a couple of seconds while smiling. This exercise should be repeated several times in order to get the facial posture in the right position.

The cheek puff exercise is also very instrumental in toning down the facial volume. For this exercise, the person has to take a deep breath and box the air in cheeks, the air should be held for 6 seconds. This air should be boxed in the right cheek as well as left cheek one by one and then released through mouth. This procedure must be performed over and over again.

5. Get Adequate sleep:

An adequate sleep is very important when it comes to maintaining the facial composure. A minimum of 7-8 hours sleep during the evening is very important for the person to get the body in right order. If there is fatigue, it can result in the face getting bulged and the sagging muscles also contribute to the bulging of face. Therefore, a sleep for 7-8 hours must be considered by a person to get his face in the right tone. A proper sleep is also good for the body of a human; therefore, it should not be avoided.


Losing fat from any part of the body is not an easy trick and it takes months of patience and perseverance. However, if the person performs the above-mentioned exercises for a definite amount of time, it can help him reduce the face fat and double chin comprehensively.


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