5 Best Stretching Exercises For Office Workers

It is not easy to sit for long hours on a daily basis. It is even more difficult to maintain the right posture for a long time. Some of the ailments that can occur from an incorrect posture are –
– Backache
– Headache
– Stress
– Stiffness in the shoulder, neck and back
However, a few stretching exercises can keep you safe. It is necessary to remember to do these stretches on a regular basis. A lot of experts recommend these stretches for a better shape of your torso.

1. Puff up your chest

Puff up your chest

Stretching your chest using a resistance band is a good idea but if you don’t have a resistance band, simply put both your hands behind your back and stretch them as far as possible. Aim to create tension in your shoulders and your neckline.  However, if you are suffering from any kind of injury in your shoulders or have a regular ache in the shoulder area, then you should avoid this exercise. Do this a few times to avoid backache and stiffness. If you have access to a bosu ball, then use one. You can do this stretch either sitting or standing. Try and do it as many times as possible. It will prevent unnecessary creation of knots in the upper body. It will also help you keep fit without having to go on a diet and exercise regime. After all, this is a great way of staying fit and loosing that stress. It will take you a while to get used to it but every time you feel a pain in your back, do this exercise. If you aren’t sure, you can consult a physiotherapist or a gym trainer. They should be able to solve your doubts and worries in no time. Moreover, it is very less likely that you should have a problem or an inquiry as the exercise is sure to benefit you rather than otherwise.


2. Shrug your shoulders

Shrug your shoulders
Don’t we wish to shrug shoulders at the boss and at the client so many times in irritation? The pain usually occurs because of blood clots or slow blood circulation in shoulder blades and rotator cuffs. Shoulder shrugs are going to be of great use to reduce the pain and also, to improvise blood circulation. If you are drawing a blank, then ensure that you consult someone about it. It is important that you hold the shrug and relax them slowly for significant results. Also, try not to do a casual shrug and push yourself a little when indulging in this exercise.


3. Stretching the torso

Stretching the torso
This is as simple as things can get. Stretch your hands in the front in such way that both your palms don’t see eye to eye. Once done, ensure that your hands are interlinked in a cross. Now, stretch forwards. The rest of your body should be in a foetal position but your arms ought to be stretched. This will relax the muscles of your shoulders immensely. Remember to do this on and off. It will de-stress the muscles of your arms, shoulders, neck and upper back. Sitting for long can also cause knee pain and this exercise slightly stresses the knee thereby causing it to exercise. Again, if you are unsure, a physiotherapist is your best bet. Of course, you may do this exercise within the comfort of your home or office without consulting or training. It is a simple and manageable exercise and lets you feel the release of stress and tension from your body. You will be surprised at how rejuvenated you feel. Yet, remember that you will not see an overall effect suddenly. It may take anything from minutes to hours to days depending on your condition.


4. Twist the spinal cord

Twist the spinal cord
If anything really suffers because you decided to sit for long hours, it is the spinal cord. Stretch it and deliver it from its sufferance. Ensure that your posture is absolutely erect and your feet are palmed on to the ground. Now, twist your torso towards the right and the left alternatively and make sure that you keep your back straight while you are at it. Don’t go beyond limits as it may lead to a serious damage and see to it that your hips are in-line with your body at all times. This is the easiest of the lot and you should do it as often as you can. You will quickly feel the relaxation of the body as you do this.


5. Stretch your upper body

Stretch your upper body
This will help you gain the benefits of a correct posture and will also relax muscles of your arms. All you have to do is stretch your arms as high as possible and slowly bring them back down. It is recommended that you repeat this exercise around 8 times.

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