5 Best Small Dog Breeds to Pet

Small dogs always raise the comfort zone of the house. They are cute enough to hold a sight on. They are a precious possession of any family. However, with such dogs there comes a stereotype that they are delicate and the owners need to take care of them. Some of these dogs are quite smart and powerful too unlike the looks that they endorse. Hence, it becomes easier for the owners to remain complacent on the caretaking of such small and nice creatures. These dogs have a very loud presence and become an integral part of the family once introduced. Here are some of the top 5 Small dog breeds to pet:

1. Papillon:

This breed is usually known as small powerhouse athlete. He garnered this reputation because of being a regular in dog sports. He belongs to the Spaniel family and is considered to be highly smart and active.

papillon dog

Papillion is the perfect breed of dogs for someone who looks at a dog that can be trained for sports. They are small in size and measure around 8-11 inches in height and weigh 4 to 9 pounds.

2. Maltese:

These dogs are known to be the charmers. They catch anyone’s attention at the click of a second. Popular for being fearless and clever, this breed is extremely good looking as they resemble a royal personality wrapped in a white silky coat. This dog is playful and never behaves hostile to anyone. He loves everyone and therefore everyone loves him too.

Maltese dog

He is a great learner too. Hence, teaching him some house rules is not a difficult task and he can quickly adapt to the atmosphere he is dropped into. Weighing 4 to 7 pounds, this breed is one of the most favored in the current times.

3. Chihuahua:

It is one of the smallest breed of dogs that exist in the world. They hail from the country of Mexico and this is the reason why their name resembles the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. This breed is available in various sizes, coat lengths, head shapes and colors. They weigh somewhere around 4 to 10 pounds. It makes them easier to carry around.

Chihuahua dog

The life span of this little breed of dogs is 15-20 years. However, these dogs are often hit by Collapsed trachea, they still make a good pet in a long run. The closeness of this breed with the family members makes it even more interesting. It is simply one of the best small dog breeds to pet.

4. English Toy Spaniel:

This breed is known to possess a big heart for the family members. He is a very gentle and happy dog. Thus, staying with is no less than a pleasant experience. If given a special care, this dog lives and dies for the family as he becomes attached to someone very soon. They don’t litter everywhere and hence, it’s easy to carry them around.

english toy spaniel dog

Weighing 8 to 14 pounds, these dogs are not hostile to kids and therefore they can have an amazing time with them. Moreover, English toy spaniel does not feel claustrophobic; therefore the size of the house never matters for this little beautiful creature.

5. Kaninchen Dachshund:

Dachshund’s are stereotyped to come in only two sizes, standard and miniature; but actually they are available in the third size too. This size resembles to that of a rabbit. Such a size is known as kaninchen and is found in Europe. It weighs 8 to 10 pounds and plays with almost everyone in the family.

Kaninchen Dachshund dog

It is a loveable creature that grabs everybody’s attention while he is playing around in the house. It is one of the most beautiful dog breed to own.


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