Short people have always found it difficult to drive a car with long extension to the accelerator and brakes. Therefore, the car makers are launching an array of cars that suit the driving nature of the short heighted people. Short people differ in their needs to the tall drivers. The major factor that determines a good car for a short driver is its visibility. If by mistake a short person buys wrong car, he ends up looking at the car door in place of the window. Hence, the short drivers must be smart enough while making a decision to buy car.  The cars that are defined to be used by short drivers usually have a low beltline and there is also a substantial space between car’s metal body and the windows.

Adding to the fact, the short drivers must look for cars that offer shrinkable seat cushions. This enables them to reach the pedal of the car with ease. There is a stereotype among the people that short cars are best suited for the short people to drive, which is absolutely wrong. The car’s cockpit makes the whole difference to the fact if car is comfortable for the short driver or not and not the car’s overall body. Therefore, large cars can also be very comfortable for the short drivers if their cockpit is rightly designed, since visibility plays an important role here. Lower beltline is the most favorable factor for the short drivers and many of the car makers offer the same. However, the short driver must be alert enough to choose the right car that matches his comfort.

Here are some of the cars that suit the requirements of a short driver to the best effect:

1. Kia Soul (Price: 14000 USD)

The commercials of this car suggest that the shorter people can also enjoy its services to full use. This car is custom made for the use by shorter people. When you look at the car, the first thing to be noticed is the colossal greenhouse. This greenhouse is accompanied with a windshield and tall side windows. The visibility of this car is also mind-blowing that gives another reason to the buyers to purchase this car. The high upright side windows make it easier for the driver to see out of the cabin. Kia Soul also offers a big and spacious cabin for the short drivers. The moderate price for this car speaks loud for its credibility. It is well styled and has a very good approach to the urban drivers. This car is not only good for the short drivers but it also provides comfort for the tall drivers. It is packed with 138 horsepower four cylinder engine that is equipped with manual transmission. It delivers a mileage of 25 miles per gallon in the urban areas and 30 miles per gallon on highways.

Kia Soul

It comes with a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty. Hence, there is no doubt in claiming Kia Soul as one of the best cars available in this segment.

2. Mazda Mazda3 (Price: 16,945 USD)

This car offers a great visibility to the short drivers. It is quite affordable too. Mazda3 is an amazing car if the buyer is having a really tight budget. The handling of the car is commendable and it also has a good maintenance cycle. It is kind of car that the driver would pay big money for, otherwise.

Mazda Mazda3

The 2014 edition of Mazda3 is packed with 155 horsepower four cylinder engine which is equipped with manual transmission. It gives a good average, measuring 29 mpg per gallon in the city and 40 mpg on the highway.

3. Volkswagen Passat (Price: 20,845 USD)

This sedan is one of the most popular cars manufactured by Volkswagen family. The interiors of this car are quite spacious and make it up a good room for the short driver. It is safe and very comfortable to drive. The room available in this car for the legs is commendable. It is quite spacious and this is the reason why it is one of the most preferred cars in this segment. This car gives a feel like you are sitting in a European Sedan. It is a reasonable car that suits the requirements of a shorter driver perfectly.

Volkswagen Passat2

In spite of such an affordable price, this car packs up a very powerful engine that is turbocharged. It works entirely on manual transmission and gives a mileage of 24 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on highway. That’s a great mileage considering the attributes that this car packs. It is certainly the best car in this segment that is available in the market.

4. Subaru Forester (Price: 21,995 USD)

This car has huge greenhouse and just by having a look at this car, an experienced driver can make out that it’s very comfortable for the shorter drivers. It also packs up big windows. It also enables a drive with 4 wheels with 8.7 inch ground clearance. The 2014 model is already making a big buzz at the market with its credibility. It has a great transmission and the high quality of the car compliments it.

Subaru Forester

It is known for its fuel efficient attribute while it delivers 22 mpg in a city and 29 mpg on highways. This mileage is realized in the manual transmission version. In the automatic version, the mileage upgrades itself notches higher.

5. Honda Accord (Price: 21,995 USD)

Set at a base price of 21,995 USD, Honda Accord offers a great look and it has big windows and that is the major reason why it’s the most preferred car for the shorter drivers. The window visibility is great in this car and it sets this car apart from the other cars available in this segment over the market.

Honda Accord

The cabin of the car is very spacious and interiors are worth to go bonkers over. A standard version of Honda Accord packs up an engine of 185 horsepower four cylinders with manual transmission.

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