5 Best and Free AntiVirus for Android Phones

With the advancement in technology, the risk of being captured with a virus has predominantly increased further. In the current market, there is an ample of anti-virus software’s available at a marginal cost, but not all of them deliver a good performance. Here are the 5 best and free Anti Virus for Android phones:


1. Mobile Security and Anti Virus:

This is one of the top rated Mobile Security and Anti Virus software. It has a dual functionality. Apart from being a free mobile security app, it is an effective anti-theft app too. Mobile Security and Anti-virus is one of the oldest antivirus apps that exist in the market. It keeps your device safe from all the virus, malware and spyware threats. The web based phone Locate feature available within this app helps the person to locate his phone in the case of theft or miss. The advanced anti theft component makes sure that the data in the device is protected in a super conscious way. Moreover, this app also provides the user with some tools such as network meter, app manager and firewall. These tools help the user keep a check on the mobile phone and control it to a great extent. (Install it from Google Play)

Mobile Security and Anti Virus

2. Norton Security Anti-Virus:

The Norton Security Anti-Virus is a Security app that protects the phone of the user from theft, loss, malware or viruses. It also helps the user to locate his device in case it’s stolen or lost. The new apps, updates and SD cards can be scanned for preventing them to be exposed to security risks. The protection of the device can be monitored and controlled through the use of a single website. This is one of the most interesting features of this device. The stolen device can be locked with the help of one text message. This is a very new concept and is used by many other security apps. This Anti-Virus not only protects the device from security risks, but also enhances the performance of the device by scanning the new updates and removing the un-necessary ones. It is certainly the most useful security anti-virus present in the market currently. (Install it from Google Play)

Norton Security Anti-Virus

3. Avira Free Android Security:

This Anti-Virus app provides the most unique protection from the doubtful and malicious apps. Apart from protecting the device from malicious apps, this anti-virus also prevents the risk of taking unwanted calls. The user is able to track his phone using this app. Moreover, Avira Free Android Security scans the apps downloaded by the user in order to minimize the risk of an outsider virus creeping inside the device. The device can also be locked in case of theft or loss. Another added advantage to this app is that the user can block a certain number of users to make a call or text to their phone/tablet.  It mainly specializes in blocking and removing the doubtful apps. The automatic scanning feature also stands out of this app and sets it apart from the other anti-virus apps available in the market. Furthermore, this anti-virus is available free of cost. Therefore, it is a bargain catch for the users of all the possible segments. (Install it from Google Play)

Avira Free Android Security

4. Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite:

Kaspersky is a very well known brand for the anti-viruses and its expertise in making protection software for desktops cannot be undermined. They also specialize in making anti-virus software for mobiles and other devices. It offers the user useful anti-theft defense which is one of the best that is potentially available in the market. The ability of Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite to find out the missing phone is often complimented by the experts. It helps the user to filter out the texts and phone calls that he receives. The best attribute of this anti-virus app is to find out the malicious apps that could possibly harm the device and alert the user about the same. Adding to the facts, Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite supports many different languages to its disposal like Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish and Swedish. All these features are simply free of cost. Hence, this anti-virus app has come out to be the most value added app available in the market currently. (Install it from Google Play)

Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite

5. AntiVirus Security Free:

This is a high rated and one of the most reliable anti-virus apps that exist in the market for Android devices. It specializes in anti-theft protection for the android phones. Moreover, this app prevents the device from being attacked with malware, spyware text messages and keeps the personal data of the user safe and sound. It can be downloaded for free without any hidden cost or charges. The apps, files and settings can be scanned in real time using this app. Stolen phone can be retrieved with much better approach using Anti Virus Security Free app with the help of Google Maps. It helps the user to monitor the data usage as well as the battery consumption. The browsing on the web is way better and secured using this anti-virus app. In a nutshell, it is an app that helps the user to kill all the possible threats to his phone. The performance of this app speaks for itself. It has maintained the number one spot in terms of free anti-virus apps around the world for a long period of time and it repeatedly stands up to the expectations. (Install it from Google Play)

AntiVirus Security Free

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