5 Best and Coolest Tech Gadgets of 2013

This year has seen the upsurge of many gadgets and the industry has been offering great gifts to the user in terms of technology. With the fast paced environment that exists now, there is no room for a life without gadgets. Gadgets are everywhere, being it home or office. Even when we are looking for the navigations, gadgets play an important role.

With the Christmas approaching, many people are thinking of what might be the best option to gift their loved ones. A good gift is the one that not only possesses some emotional character but is also helpful when it comes to work. A good gift is always remembered by the person for a long time when it is useful. From games to consoles, from phones to GPS handsets, every gadget has its own importance.

In the year 2013, technology has evolved and we have seen many changes in the consumer behavior of people. Some gadgets have become a fundamental part of people’s life in the year 2013.
Some of the best and coolest tech gadgets of 2013 are as follows:

1. Kindle Fire HDX:

If there is any gadget that offers best services for reading buffs, it is Kindle. Amazon is riding high on the popularity of its gadget, Kindle. Tablets have been the perfect choice for people this year, being it Apple’s iPads or Google’s Nexus 7.  In the year 2013, the sales of tablets have come quite close to that of smartphones, which is in contrast with the situation that persisted in the year 2012. Kindle Fire HDX has remained to be one of the best and coolest tech gadgets of 2013.

Kindle Fire HDX

People have stayed in high applause for this gadget. Kindle Fire HDX possesses a screen size of 7 inches and it is noted for performance and the reasonable price it can be bought at. It cost only 229 USD at the market, which is far lesser than any other Android tablet that is available in the market.

2. Pebble Smartwatch:

Pebble has splurged out as one of the best smartwatch option available in the market. It has started the journey with an impressive campaign. These high tech watches are not only for the tech geeks, instead they can be used by normal users too. It possesses an e-paper screen with the help of which the battery can be saved from getting drained. There are other useful apps embedded into this watch too.

Pebble Smartwatch

It is a very promising gadget and making rounds in the market for some time. The promotional methods of this watch are very unique and it has impacted the sales greatly.

3. iPhone 5S:

iPhone has always remained to be the first choice of people when it comes to gadgets. Owning an iPhone is a great prestige for people. With the launch of iPhone 5S in the market, people have resorted to phone purchase. It is the successor of iPhone 5. According to the experts, the iPhone 5S is by far, the best iPhone ever made. It can be purchased at a cost as low as 199 USD in alignment with the US carriers.

iPhone 5S

One of the most advanced gadgets you will ever come through, Apple iPhone 5S possesses the best and the most clever touch ID fingerprint sensor and also packs a 64 bit mobile chip. If there is any smartphone in the world which is equipped with 64-bit mobile chip, it is Apple iPhone 5S.  The operating system of the phone also stands out from the others.

4. Leap Motion:

Leap Motion is the next generation gadget that helps the user exercise Gesture control and the other aspects at ease. This gadget supports apps that react on waving of hands, clapping and other stimulations. Leap Motion is a multi-faceted gadget that costs the user only a sum of 80 USD.

Leap Motion

Leap Motion carries attributes that can beat any other gadget available in the market by a greater degree.

5. Fitbit Force:

Fitbit Force is certainly the best smart device that you can wear on your wrist. It possesses a fitness tracker which is employed with the OLED display. The info about time, distance traveled, calories burnt is all displayed on the OLED screen.

Fitbit Force

It does not consume a lot of battery in order to do things on this gadget. The sales of this gadget in the year 2013 are enough to justify that it is one of the best and coolest tech gadgets of 2013.

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