5 Awesome Theories From Zombie Science

Zombies have become a really common topic among one and all, thanks to the dedication of Hollywood directors to make movies on it. The zombie facts alert our ears and also make us laugh at times.

Here are the 5 awesome theories from zombie science that may interest you:
1. The best place to evade the Zombie Apocalypse:
The best place to evade the Zombie Apocalypse

It is highly unlikely that a Zombie Apocalypse would haunt people but in case it does, it usually spreads through a virus in the cities/towns. The best area to wait it out is certainly the rural region. It would be mostly unaffected from the zombie apocalypse and hence, it is the best place to wait out such an unpleasant situation.

2. Zombies can be in space:

Zombies can be in space

The space theory about zombie apocalypse says that the other planets are also having various diseases and zombie apocalypse could be one of them. If earth has produced so many diseases, there are higher chances that the other plants are suffering from the same diseases and zombies must have existence there.

3. Zombies and Ethics:
Zombies and Ethics

In case you get trapped in a zombie apocalypse, it is better to leave your ethics behind. It helps you evade the destruction that can be caused by zombies and work accordingly in order to be safe. Some people believe that killing another person could easily hurt their ethics. But if you need to be safe in a zombie apocalypse, you need to kill in order to survive.

4. Brain needed to face zombie apocalypse:
Brain needed to face zombie apocalypse

Zombie apocalypse can really affect the brain of humans but a human brain is capable of evading the unwanted matter to collect. Hence, in case of irreversible zombie damage, our brain acts as a barrier to such thinking and if we use a little bit of brain, we can easily avoid a zombie apocalypse.

5. Animals can act as our first defense:
Animals can act as our first defense

If you are stuck in a zombie apocalypse, you can resort to the animals that eat humans alive to save your own life. If there is zombie situation, animals become quite happy about their lunch buffet. Zombies can be attacked by vultures and that could turn out in favor for the zombie apocalypse victims.

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