4 Style Faux Pas That Most Of Us Made That We Wished We Didn’t

Fashion is art. As art is something that is a means to express one self, then surely our clothes and style say a lot about our personality. As said by some one important ‘art is not a luxury’, but a necessity in life to create something unique. Whether it is through singing, dancing, and painting or by fashion, it can be through whatever we want to be.

Now of course many of us try to express ourselves by the way we carry ourselves. Now expressing one-self is all good, it is just that many of us think that we can express art through fashion (that is appealing), which most of the time is dead wrong. Just like expressing oneself by painting or dancing requires tireless practice and can only be achieved by making mistakes, Fashion too is something that doesn’t come with one try. Sadly, many of us (even if deny) go through a phase of mistakes that make us more aware of what we should or should not include in our style –


1. Over accessorize

Over accessorize
Some societies have the culture of dressing up in extravagant jewelry, and if you are adept in accessorizing rightly, you pull off wearing gaudy jewelry too. Of course right outfit and make up is required if you want to pull that kind of look. Many of us however have made a mistake to sometimes tone up a bit to play up the outfit, which can lead to fashion faux pas. Trying mix match accessories can also go wrong but it can also create a great effect, so experimenting is perfectly fine.


2. Too much skin

Showing off too much skin
Of course, every once in a while you hear the phrase “you got it so flaunt it”. Now, we all know that it’s your body and therefore, your decision, and if you have to flaunt, nobody should stop you. It is just that too much of flaunting can go looking from sexy to outright obscene. There is a thin line in-between that can make or break the look. So rather why not ‘leave it to the imagination’. FYI, you can show off your body, by not ‘showing’ it as well.


3. Skinny jeans gone wrong

Skinny jeans gone wrong
Many us given the chance would like to look slimmer than we are. The irony of ‘skinny jeans’ is that wearing it can just highlight how much you are not. They make you look heavier rather than making you look skinny. Same thing can be applied to tights, if they are too ‘tight’, then they are probably not ‘right’.


4. Wear before you take it

Not trying on things before buying them!
Many of us may have made this mistake of just buying clothes after looking at the size tag. Sizes differ from brand to brand and store to store, therefore it is always necessary to try the outfit and look at it from all angles to see if it’s for you.

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