3 New Lovable Dog Breeds Recognized by AKC in 2013

AKC has recently recognized 3 new dog breeds in the year 2013. The three new breeds that have been recognized are Chinook, Rat Terrier and Portuguese Podengo Pequeno.

AKC is an organization in the US that is responsible for identifying and acknowledging new breeds. Such discoveries sometimes reach up to two or six every year. Until now, they have already recognized around 175 breeds and are still counting. This organization is in existence since 1884. Here are some of those new lovable dog breeds that have been discovered by the AKC:


1. Chinook:

Chinook is the breed of sled dogs. Chinook is quite intelligent and easily trainable. Since, it’s coming from the breed of sled dogs; it is supposed to be hard working too. They are easy to train when the trainer resorts to tricks such as food rewards, play and praise. If the owner of this breed is active and outdoor lover, this dog is just a perfect match. These dogs are very calm and gentle. They are best known for the affection they show for small children. They are not hostile to small kids and therefore, many families prefer such dogs to be owned rather than other breeds that are hostile. Chinook is known for possessing too many positive attributes that could be seen in a similar breed. They can prove to be a great company for travelers and backpackers. Since they love going outdoors and doing sports, the owners find many reasons to stay fit with them.

Chinook dog breed

In spite of all these positive points, Chinook also comes with some short comings. The only hard fact is that these dogs require an intense work out on a daily basis, failing to do so can hamper the health of the dog. The Chinook is a new breed that is not popularly known or developed and therefore, the owners will have to wait up to a year for the pups to be available in the market. It is a very beautiful breed and AKC is celebrating its success of finding this dog.


2. Rat Terrier Dog:

Rat Terrier is extremely friendly but at the same time, this dog breed is very sensitive. Although, the personality of this dog resembles to that of a Terrier but it is certainly more quiet and calmer than the other terrier breeds such as Jack Russell. The Rat Terrier Dog enjoys the time he spends with other people. They like converse and always share their say about things. They are highly opinionated and throw the tantrums too when they are not in resonance with something.

Rat Terrier Dog

Apart from being opinionated, Rat Terrier is highly smart and active. He is fun loving and does not necessarily miss out on adventures that come its way. He can prove to be a great company for the owners who like to take their pet on an evening walk and the ones who like to play with them for an hour or two.  The size of this dog is very small, still it needs regular attention and training, the owners are further advised to build a dog proofed home to make them feel safe. These dogs are not good enough to be locked inside as they like nature more. He is generally friendly towards the other breeds but can be seen barking on almost every other breed. The expertise in games such as fly ball and rally makes them very special and lovable breed.


3. The Portuguese Podengo:

Portuguese Podengo comes in three different sizes, named Grande, Medio and Pegueno respectively. Podengo is a breed that originates from the land of Portugal. They are popular for hunting rabbits in their homeland. When it comes to agility and activeness, their sizes can be taken as a false proof. They are very good at lure coursing and rallies. They are open to daily exercise and can play all day in a fenced garden. They are the most alert dogs that also make them eligible for being the preferred watchdogs.

The Portuguese Podengo

They do not like cats and chase them at occasions. For its beautiful and classy looks, this breed is one of the most celebrated breed discovered by AKC this year.


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